Solar PV at WWTP

solar pv

This from the Medfield Press –


Construction on the 237kW solar photovoltaic array at Medfield’s Wastewater Treatment Plant began on Nov. 27. The general contractor, Greenskies Renewables LLC of Middletown, Connecticut, was awarded the contract in the amount of $492,483. Funding for this project was approved at the Special Town Meeting in March. After accounting for the planning and design costs, and receipt of the $180,000 state grant, the Town’s share will be approximately $360,000. The projected completion date is February 2016.

The array will consist of 765 panels, each rated at 310W mounted on top of a fixed tilt rack system. In the first year of operation, the panels will produce an estimated annual output of 299,600 kWh, or 40 percent of the total 750,000 kWh needed to run the plant. This will lower the operating costs of the plant by $48,000 per year and also generate annual income of an estimated $68,000 from the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits.


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