Former Mozer property to be a 40B

A 40B development will apparently be going in on the Hospital Road land formerly owned by Keith and Debbie Mozer, which is next to the former Medfield State Hospital fields.  A 5 lot development is thereby converted into a 30 lot one.  This email today from the Town Planner, Sarah Raposa –


Planning Board members –

Just wanted to keep you in the loop on this: The 5-lot Country Estates subdivision was recently sold to the Larkins (developers of Glover Place on North Street). They came in today to let me know that they intend to develop the property as a 40B. It will be similar in design and density to Glover Place (with a first floor bedroom). At that point don’t know exactly how many units to expect [but Glover Place is approximately 6 units per acre, so maybe 30 units?]. The units will be ownership and 25% will be affordable and count towards the Town’s subsidized housing inventory (and land area calculation). They suspect that they’ll have a formal application to submit to the town in approximately 30 days.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the process.




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