BoS 11/17 minutes


Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; town administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and made note this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women  serving around the world and for all who have suffered during the terrorist attack in Paris.

Mr. DeSorgher expressed condolences to the Coulter and Arrone families for their recent loss.

As the Selectmen request additional time to review the goals, it was agreed to hold for the December 1 meeting. The Selectmen also request that their calendar be brought up to date for the next meeting.

VOTED unanimously to approve the November 3, 2015 minutes as submitted

The Board received an invitation to attend the Eagle Court of Honor for Ethan Murby and John Walsh on Saturday November 28, 2015.

Mr. DeSorgher expressed a big thank you to Police Chief Meaney, Fire Chief Kingsbury, Superintendent Feeney and the Highway Department for their good assistance with the reconstruction of the rail tracks. The crossing was closed from Friday November 13 to Monday afternoon, a huge project that involved extensive planning. All in all it went very smoothly and the Town did their best to accommodate those businesses in the area.

Mr. Sullivan said that the railroad people were very pleased with Medfield’s assistance and cooperation. The Cottage Street crossing will be repaired in the spring. He continued commenting that the railroad’s plan is to redo all railroad ties between Framingham and Mansfield. When completed trains traveling will have an increase in their speed up to 20 mph.

Selectman Peterson said that it makes good sense for Medfield to adopt the CPA. Medfield should be getting the matching funds from the Commonwealth as other towns do. He commented that he learned Medway received over $259,000 as a CPA trust fund distribution amount. Town Counsel remarked that Medway’s contribution is 3%. Participating towns and cities may contribute 1-3% with 3% receiving the higher matching funds from the state. These funds may be used for planning, park and recreation, conservation, affordable housing and historic preservation projects. The Selectmen agree that a study committee should be
November 17, 2015
Page two
Appointed to gather CPA information to then propose an article on the town meeting warrant. Advise interested residents that would like to be appointed to the committee to contact Town Hall.
Present: Tax Assessor Yvonne Remillard, Board members Ed Beard, Frank Perry and Tom Sweeney Selectman Fisher read the legal notice that was published in the November 5th edition of the Medfield Press.
Ms. Remillard explained that the purpose of this hearing is to determine if the Town should maintain a single tax rate that benefits all known as a uniform tax rate. The Town has so little commercial property that historically Medfield has maintained a single tax rate that relieves industrial/commercial properties of a tax burden. She reported that surrounding towns, i.e. Dover, Norfolk, Millis and Sherborn also adopt a uniform rate. Medfield’s full valuation for fy16 is $2,485,214,555.00.

Mr. Sullivan advised the Selectmen that they will need to sign the appropriate DOR documents electronically after the meeting adjourns this evening.

VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to close the 2015 tax classification hearing. Vote was unanimous

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was unanimously voted to adopt a single tax rate for the Town of Medfield and as recommended by the Board of Assessors

Board member Ed Beard remarked that his Board is very pleased that we came through this process for a full revaluation year very easily. He extended a sincere thank you to Yvonne, Kathy and Donna for all the work they do.

Selectman DeSorgher was requested to advise the Board about House Bill H.1656. This pertains to the geographical jurisdiction of the Housing Court Department. If passed this will ensure residents of the Commonwealth will have access to a fair hearing on landlord I tenant issues. MHA requests the Selectmen vote to sign a resolution in support of this bill to send to our Boston delegation urging them to vote to adopt the bill.

VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson and it was resolved that the Medfield Board of Selectmen directs the Town Administrator to express the Town’s full support for the enactment of House bill H.1656 An Act relative to the Geographical Jurisdiction of the Housing Court Legislation before the completion of the current legislative session, and to take all steps necessary to engage our legislative

November 17, 2015
Page three
delegation and others, to achieve this outcome in 2015

VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Request in the amount of $70,228.54 for Green Street project and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney

Notice received that we have been awarded a Sustainable Materials recovery Program grant for up to $4,000.00 for food waste collection and additionally $1,000 for educational materials to help make the public aware of the collection program. The Board is requested to vote to authorize Chairman DeSorgher to execute the document and it was so voted.

VOTED unanimously to grant MEMO a parade permit for the 2015 Christmas Parade to take place on Saturday December 5, 2015

VOTED unanimously to grant Basil Restaurant, Tom McGue owner a time extension on their liquor license to 1:00 AM Thanksgiving Eve November 25, 2015

Mr. Fisher attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Samuel Johnson and Andrew Maritan. He remarked that he was again quite impressed with the young men and their ability to speak before the well-attended event. It was a nice ceremony. The Medfield State Hospital Committee continues to make progress. He continued saying that all three Selectmen attended Strategic Planning Focus Group for the school department last week. The plan presented involves the community in the planning process to review the challenges and strengths of our
school system.

Mr. Peterson said the plans for the December 6 Angel Run are moving forward. Runners may register on the day of the race. He voiced a plea for volunteers to help on the day of the race.  He remarked that Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin did an excellent job organizing the breakfast on November 11. While he was at the MSH committee meeting he learned that they suggest the Economic Development Committee not go forward with the RFP at this time for Lot 3. MSH wants a closer look at the property Selectman Peterson held his first Friday hour at the CENTER and talked with resident Justin Brady who has a few issues with town meeting. Mr. Brady suggests there be written ballots, hearing accommodations, take into consideration older people have hard time sitting for a

November 17, 2015
Page four
length of time. Mr. Sullivan advised that those issues be brought to Town Moderator Scott McDermott’s attention.

Mr. DeSorgher requested that the gas company come to a Selectmen’s meeting to discuss the older underground pipe lines; suggests Superintendent Feeney, Dr. Marsden, Chief Meaney make sidewalks a priority; agrees Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin is very professional and the lighting ceremony at Baxter Park was well organized by the Ladies Auxiliary. Mr. DeSorgher made note that on his walks through town he sees posters on many utility poles about a lost cat. He advises they come down.

Selectman DeSorgher asked Mr. Sullivan to review how the town’s water bills are calculated as he has received many residents’ comments. Mr. Sullivan said that as the summer was very dry some residents may have used more water than in the past years. He made a point that the water rate increased by 8% and sewer by 2%. The Board of Water & Sewerage held a public hearing in the spring before voting the increases. It was their recommendation to raise the rates due to the projects; a new town water tower at the state hospital site that includes the water mains from the tower to well #6, replacement of older leaking pipes and the state
mandate that individual water meters be replaced every 10 years. Medfield has a multi usage rate system, the more water an individual uses a higher rate is
charged. Many other towns have this rate system also. Residents are invited to review a posting of rates from other towns in our water department. They will see that Medfield has the lowest water rates in the area.

Selectman Fisher made a motion at 8:10 PM to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Selectman Peterson. The vote was unanimous


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