CPA match at 29.7% – none for us

The state announced its matching money for Community Preservation Act towns – 29.7% on average, but Medway which is in for 3% CPA surcharges got over 40% matching money.

Medfield residents continue to pay our money in so it can go to other towns, and leave our potential state matching money on the table.

Statewide CPA Trust Fund Distribution Announced

State-House-smaller_1 (1)

November 17, 2015:  The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality. The revenue from this year’s trust fund distribution comes from two sources: document recording fees collected over the past 12 months at the state’s Registries of Deeds, and a transfer of $10 million from the state’s FY2015 budget surplus. In total, more than $36 million will be distributed to the 156 communities eligible for a distribution this year.

All CPA communities will receive a 29.7% match on round one of the trust fund distribution this year.  Communities that adopted CPA with a full 3% local property tax surcharge will receive a higher percentage.  Click on the link below for details on this year’s distribution and a way to view the specific amounts for each community.

> SPREADSHEET: Click here for the CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for each municipality <

PLEASE NOTE:  According to a statement from DOR, this year’s CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for most communities was adjusted due to an update to FY2015 data after last year’s distribution was made. The adjustment was necessary because the surcharge percentage was incorrectly calculated in one community and another community did not notify DOR that they had adopted CPA and were therefore not included in last year’s distribution.


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