BoS minutes for 11/3


Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2015

Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and made note that this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world.
Mr. DeSorgher expressed condolences to the family of a Medway high school senior who suffered a fatal car crash this past weekend. Our thoughts are with the Town of Medway.

Cemetery Commissioner Thomas Sweeny requested the Selectmen vote to approve the revised rules and regulations. He remarked that together with Town Counsel Cerel and Police Chief Meaney we made it as simple as possible for all to read and understand. On a motion made and seconded it was
VOTED unanimously to approve Vine Lake Cemetery Rules and Regulations as presented by the Cemetery Commissioners

Mr. Sweeney went on to explain that there has been one inurnment in the Columbarium and a few sales. The completed look of the building is beautiful and purple mums have been planted at the front. Cemetery Staff Jim Callachan and Steven Della-Camera did a fantastic job as well as administrative assistant Donna Cimeno who was a great help. He hopes that appreciation letters be sent from the Selectmen.

VOTED unanimously to accept the minutes of October 20, 2015 with amendments and accept the minutes of October 27, 2015 as presented

Mr. DeSorgher said that this final copy of the goals includes input from Selectmen Fisher and Peterson.
VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Peterson to accept the Board of Selectmen Goals for 2015-2016
Mr. Peterson said that he would ask that Town Administrator Sullivan work to put the goals into action.

Chairman Chris Kaldy requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Barbara Thompson Gips to the committee.

Mr. DeSorgher announced that the committee would like to have additional members.
Residents are welcomed to send letters of interest to Town Hall

VOTED unanimously to appoint Barbara Thompson Gips to the Lyme Disease Study Committee and as recommended by Chairman Chris Kaldy


VOTED unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Request for the Green Street project in the amount of $126,280.62 and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney

VOTED unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Request for $362,448.25 for the North Meadows Road, Pine/Winter/Harding Streets project and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney

John Naff requests the Selectmen vote to appoint James Coakley as Alternate Plumbing and Gas Inspector. This will fill the vacant position made by the resignation of Assistant Plumbing and Gas Inspector Peter Navis. Mr. Coakley is the Medway Plumbing Inspector
VOTED unanimously to appoint James Coakley Alternate Plumbing and Gas Inspector and as recommended by Building Commissioner John G. Naff

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the School Committee to post signs
November 4 through November 17 advertising meetings to be held regarding the
Strategic Plan Focus Group; first meeting Thursday November 12 at 7:00 PM in Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room

As a copy of the ZBA’s decision was in the informational folder, Selectman DeSorgher queried if the building’s owner will maintain the new parking lot. Mr. Sullivan answered yes that he will plow and maintain the area, and there will be 12 parking spaces available for both public use the building’s tenants.

Mr. Fisher said that last Friday was a nice day for the ceremony at the state hospital site which officially opened the new park overlooking the Charles River. We were all pleased with the terrific turnout, it’s a great spot that I’m sure will be used by many.

Mr. Peterson remarked that the state hospital master planning committee is doing a huge amount of work, doing a great deal more than the consulting firm hired by the Town. Kudos to the committee. He attended the recent meeting with the Historical Commission and Town Counsel to discuss protecting antique properties. He feels historic districts should be established to better help with preservation and that the Historical Commissions and builders should work together to achieve these goals.

Mr. Peterson went on to report that he, Richard and Michael attended a meeting in Wrentham at which Jay Ash, Secretary of Housing Development spoke, a very informative meeting. He said that it seems to me that Mr. Ashe was not aware of the hospital site until that meeting; after which he made a visit to the site. Now that he has seen it there may be grants available for the town’s use and more importantly with his (Jay Ashe) recognition talk about it to many developers.

Mr. Peterson queried about the situation of trees near the Pfaff Center. The abutting homeowner has expressed his wanting to have the town take them down. Kevin Ryder, Park and recreation Director was in the audience and he explained that Tree Warden Ed Hinkley looked at the trees and determined they are healthy and will not remove them. The brush and some overgrowth were removed. This was about two months ago and all is good now. Michael interjected that the home owner wanted the trees down to make it easier for them to install solar panels on their roof.

Selectman Peterson remarked that he heard from a resident who attended a meeting here and was not recognized by the Selectmen to give input into the conversation. Mr. DeSorgher said that I try very hard to let people speak and Mr. Fisher queried when this happened. Mr. Peterson said that it was at the neighborhood meeting regarding lot 3. Mr. Peterson requested that the Selectmen’s calendar be brought up to date; secondly wants to schedule the meeting for a discussion with the Water and Sewer Board.

7:30 PM FY 2017 Budget Meeting / Warrant Committee / Town Departments
Warrant Committee Chairman Michael Marucci said that there does not appear to be a need for an override. He advises departments to adhere to a 2.5% increase in their budgets and would like to see as many budgets level funded as possible. Procedurally not every department needs to meet with the full committee but only with your warrant committee representative.
He continued saying that as we become more involved with the state hospital site we will have to be mindful of the budgeting impact on other town departments. 2014 town meeting voted a $200,000 amount for maintenance and should it need to be higher it could crowd other budgets. OPEB contributions will be another figure to keep close watch. The committee would very much appreciate non-financial articles be submitted as early as possible for thoughtful review. Please be mindful to submit budgets as soon as possible. Any department considering new positions is to go first before the Personnel Board and not add to the budget until it has been reviewed.

Mr. Sullivan remarked that the town realized a 7.8% tax increase mainly due to the new construction of the town garage and public safety buildings. FY17 will see some relief as past projects will be coming off the tax rolls. Health insurance and pension costs usually are our largest percentage increases. Now and in the near future of particular concern is the high cost of prescription drugs.
Town Accountant Joy Riccuito made available the FY17 budget packets. They are due back to the accounting office by December 4, 2015.

Selectmen DeSorgher extended appreciation to the Highway Department for planning trees on Green Street because of the new project. He is concerned about the very possible aging gas line in South Street and advises that the gas company attend a selectmen’s meeting in the very near future.

Mr. DeSorgher would like to have Chief Meaney look at the town’s leash law. Recently he was walking in the Noon Hill area and a dog was off leash, came toward him and then ran off with his sunglasses. The on command theory does not always work.

On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson the meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.


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