Rte 109 RR crossing closing Friday to Monday for repairs


From Mike Sullivan this afternoon –

The MBTA and Mass Coastal Railroad have made the decision to go ahead this weekend to rebuild the railroad grade crossing on Route 109. It will require shutting down Route 109 from about 10:00 a.m. Friday afternoon until sometime Monday afternoon. We met this afternoon, including School Dept. administrators, to plan for this road closure, rerouting school buses, and notifying adjacent Towns and local businesses. We will also be meeting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow with railroad construction personnel on site to review plans for handling traffic, coordinating construction work, etc. We will be placing signs warning residents and commuters of the road closure and urging them to find other commuting or travel routes. Mass D.O.T. will be sending a representative around to local businesses to discuss the schedule and associated implications. We will advise further as additional information becomes available. Michael Sullivan, Town Administrator.


One response to “Rte 109 RR crossing closing Friday to Monday for repairs

  1. Colleen Sullivan

    Could you clarify the CLOSING time, please? Will it be closed from 10am on Friday 11/13, until WHAT time on Monday 11/16?


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