Water main under Hospital Rd. RR

The new water main running from the town’s well #6 along the Charles River by Rte. 27 to the new water tower at the former MSH site has been held up in its completion while the town and its contractor waited, and waited, and waited to be scheduled to lay the water main under the railroad tracks that cross Hospital Road.  It finally happened this past weekend (after the MBTA bought that RR line and the town no longer had to  deal with CSX), and the town’s consulting engineer sent out the email and photos below.

Long day but Oliviera Construction did a good job. The 42″ casing …a 40 foot long section…is in as shown in the photographs and the excavation is now backfilled with 7 truck loads of specified flowable fill (similiar to a concrete mix but it sets up hard and is removable by an excavator). The local concrete supplier was late with his delivery of the last 4 truck loads.

Saturday and Sunday will be work by the railroad’s  contractor to continue the rail subbase preparation.
They will place crushed stone on top of the flowable fill and then install the precast concrete rail sleeper supports. The new section …100 feet or so of new rail is scheduled to be installed on Sunday.

Paul C. Millett, P.E.
Project Manager
Environmental Partners Group, Inc.

RR crossing-1 RR crossing-2 RR crossing-3 RR crossing-4 RR crossing-5 RR crossing-6 RR crossing-7


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