BoS – 10/27


7:00 PM Solid Waste Study Committee, Meaghan Sullivan Chair
Discuss recycling program, renewal of recycling contract (expires December 30, 2015); organic food waste recycling; report on SW AP area

Vote to sign Arbor Day Proclamation

The Planning Board recommends the appointment of Greg Sullivan as Associate Member of their Board ,

Vote to sign Eversource pole location permit for Green Street

In 1872, J. Sterling Morton proposed to the Nebraska Board of Agriculture
that a special day be set aside for the planning of trees, and
the holiday, called Arbor Day, was first observed with the planting of
more than a million trees in Nebraska, and
Arbor Day is now observed throughout the nation and the world, and
trees can reduce the erosion on our precious topsoil by wind and water,
lower our hearing and cooling costs, moderate the temperature, clean the
air, produce oxygen and provide habitat for wildlife, and,
trees are a renewable source giving us paper, wood for our homes, fuel for
our fires, and countless other wood products, and
trees in our own town increase property values, enhance the economic
vitality of business areas, and beautify our community, and
trees wherever they are planted, are a source of joy and spiritual renewal,
a total of fifty five trees of twelve different varieties were planted at the
Medfield Charles River Gateway

NOW, THEREFORE, we the Medfield Board of Selectmen, do hereby proclaim Friday, October 30, 2015 as ARBOR DAY
In the Town of Medfield, and I urge all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands, and Further, I urge all citizens to plant and care for trees to gladden the heart and promote the wellbeing of this and future generations.

Dated this TWENTY SEVENTH, day of OCTOBER, in the year 2015.


To: Richard DeSorgher, Chair, Board of Selectmen
CC: Michael Sullivan, Town Administrator
From: Sarah Raposa, Town Planner

Date: October 20, 2015

Re: Planning Board Associate
At their duly posted meeting on October 19, 2015, the Planning Board unanimously recommended appointment of Greg Sullivan as Associate Member of the Planning Board.

His letter of interest is attached for your consideration.

Town of Medfield 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052
(508) 906-3027

Gregory C. Sullivan, Architect
122 Green Street • Medfield, MA 02052
p 857.719.3147 •

September 29, 2015

Evelyn Clarke
Town of Medfield
Town House
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re.: Town Planning Board Associate Member position

Dear Ms. Clarke:

This is a letter of interest in the Associate Member position on the Medfield
Planning Board.

I have been a Medfield resident for over thirteen years and have served
on the Town’s Warrant Committee the last five years and will finish my sixth
and final year in 2016. My experience on the Warrant Committee has
given me an understanding of how many things are accomplished in
town and the politics behind these accomplishments. I have reviewed
many Zoning Bylaw changes as part of my Warrant Committee
responsiblities and understand that public education and clearly
articulating the intent and consequences of Zoning Bylaw changes is
critical in getting such changes approved by the residents. Sitting on the
Warrant Committee I have learned that our recommendations, no matter
how well intentioned and based on in the best interest of the town, can
still lead to controversy. I have also come to understand the residents of
Medfield’s general libertarian leanings that they don’t want government
telling them what they can and cannot do, especially when it concerns
their property. A very compelling reason is required for them to allow such

I am registered architect with almost 30 years of experience ranging from
single family residential projects to large office buildings. I have had
experience presenting projects to various Planning Boards, Zoning Boards
of Appeals, and Historic Commissions over my career. Through my
education and experience as an architect I know how important Planning
Boards are to a town and how it can shape a town’s built enviroment
both for good and the bad. I know that the qualities of the built
enviroment is integral to a vibrant and well functioning town.

Gregory C. Sullivan, Architect
122 Green Street • Medfield, MA 02052
p 857.719.3147 •

I understand how critical this particular time in the town’s history is with the
future development of the Medfield Hospital site. The Medfield Hospital
development will impact the town like no other project has or will in the
foreseeable future. The town has a unique and historic chance to create
something special that will be jewel in our crown for many decades or
something that can be a burden on the town for just as long. The
Planning Board will play an important part in shaping and steering of the
development of the Hospital site.

The Planning Board is also a big part of the stratagies to address the 40B
issues that are on every citizens mind now adays. I think that this issue
cannot and should not be solved with one large project in a single
location. I believe that this could create more problems than they were
meant to solve. I think that the solution to this challenge is to spread
smaller projects around in strategic locations that add to our affordable
housing stock throughout the town based on the content and density of
each particular project.

Medfield is no longer the sleepy rural community it was fifty or more years
ago. The Town of Medfield is also not just a suburban bedroom
community that is totally dependent on the Metro-Boston area but is and
should be town with a center that is thriving and independent. The town
should have both commerical and residential uses that complement
each other instead of competing against each other. The density of
Medfield will only increase and it is imparative to manage this growth such
that we are able to preserve some of the rural and open parts of the town
as well as the remaining historic structures while creating a vibriant and
lively town center that is a magnet for not only Medfield town residents
but those of the surrounding towns. I think that there are types of
development such as small Mixed Use projects the town can use to
create such places. Mixed Use projects can be things such as live/work
projects and retail/housing projects that would enliven the town and even
help with the 40B issues. I also think that a comprehensive look at parking
issues in the commercial districts is an important part of managing the
growth of the town and that the Planning Board should be a leader in the
planning and management of this endevor.

Gregory C. Sullivan, Architect
122 Green Street • Medfield, MA 02052
p 857.719.3147 •

I know that the Planning Board is a instrument to control and manage the
growth of the community it serves. It can also be an organization that
can lead in the creation of an enviroment that will promote and
encourage the types of development that are beneficial to the town and
that creates a community that we are all proud to be a part of.
I am very interested in being part of the Planning Board. I believe that I
can be a benefit to the town in this capacity during this exciting time of
changes and the growth of the Town of Medfield.

Gregory C. Sullivan


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