Miscellaneous updates


This email from Mike yesterday afternoon –

We met with the MBTA, Oliveria Construction and Mass Coastal Railroad today and they will be putting the water main under the tracks at the Hospital Road crossing starting at 7:00 a.m. on October 30. No trains will run from Friday morning until Sunday night. After the pipe is installed, they will also replace the grade crossing and on Monday morning, when the asphalt plants are open will pave the disturbed roadway, up to the new railroad crossing. The railroad people would also like to replace the railroad crossing on route 109 the weekend of November 13 – 15, Friday the 13th. We will have a pre-construction meeting before that to work out the details of the traffic patterns, business interruptions, etc. Ken and the Chiefs are aware of this and are on board.

Columbia Gas was here today repairing the sidewalks. We also received the license from the MBTA to work on the Harding Street rail crossing. I’ll sign it and send it back with our insurance certificate. We have to notify them five days before we start, so I’ll check with Ken and Bobby to see when they will be able to do it.  Ken is meeting tomorrow with the Eversource folks to go over the pole relocation on Green Street. We need some kind of approval from the Board for Eversource to work on our public way so we might have something on next week’s agenda for that. The boiler at the Pfaff center has to be replaced so, given the weather, we are trying to get it done as quickly as possible. We will probably need a reserve fund transfer.


That’s all for now. Mike


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