Community Compact

community compart-2

The Baker Polito administration initiated the Community Compact  to provide state assistance to towns.  Medfield has now applied to be a member, and specified the three areas with which Medfield wants state assistance:

  • capital planning
  • transperancy
  • citizen engagement

This was the state response today to Medfield’s application to join –

Dear Kristine Trierweiler,

Thank you for completing the Community Compact application for Medfield. Your application is now with the Division of Local Services for review.

According to your submission the Best Practices you will commit to are:

Best Practice #1 –  Financial Management

Capital Planning // Best Practice: Funding capital needs on a regular basis is critical to maintaining publicly-owned assets and delivering services effectively. The community develops and documents a multi-year capital plan that reflects a community’s needs, is reviewed annually and fits within a financing plan that reflects the community’s ability to pay.

Best Practice #2 (optional) –  Information Technology

Transparency // Best Practice: There is a documented open data strategy including timelines for making municipal spending and budget information accessible from the city or town website in a machine readable and graphical format.

Best Practice #3 (optional) –  Information Technology

Citizen Engagement // Best Practice: There is a documented citizen engagement strategy for deployment of technology solutions, including a public communication strategy and a professional development strategy to ensure that internal resources can effectively engage with users via technology.

As part of the review process, the Division of Local Services may be contacting Kristine Trierweiler with follow-up questions.  Once the review of your application is complete and the best practice area(s) are agreed upon, I will be in touch regarding the signing of the Compact. We are looking forward to working with your community as you continue to strive toward excellence!


Sean Cronin
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Local Services
Division of Local Services


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