Aerials of new water tower



Alec Stevens takes pictures with a drone (click here to see all of them), and shared these of the former MSH site, showing both the new water tower and what DCAMM is calling the Medfield Charles River Gateway (the former C&D dump area along the Charles River).

Now we know that our water tower is only painted on one side – which is interesting, because I noticed that when the state repainted the old water tower about six years ago, that they repainted it both inside and out.

The Medfield Charles River Gateway is the subject of an opening celebration that has been scheduled for 10:30 AM on Friday, October 30 at the site, which will be attended by the new DCAMM Commissioner.

I am told that the former DCAMM Commissioner, Carole Cornelison, who engineered the much better clean up of the C&D area for the town on behalf of the Commonwealth is now the Commissioner for DCAM for the State of RI.


2 responses to “Aerials of new water tower

  1. So that “vessel” will be filled with water that will be exposed/open?


  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    No, no – no bird poop in our water!

    It will be covered, and the pie shaped roof pieces can be seen in the photos lying around on the ground. The acute angle end of the pie pieces have been cut off, as a long cylindrical piece goes in the middle to allow one to climb up through the cylinder to the roof. That cylinder piece is sitting on the ground as well. In one of the photos you can see the entry hole set to receive that cylinder piece at the bottom of the tank.


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