End of a thistle era

thistle at msh

thistle at msh

The Thistle installation has run its course and is over.  This email today from Jean Mineo –

Hello Mike,

As an update, the Thistles art installation was removed from the Medfield State Hospital property yesterday afternoon.

I want to thank you and the Selectmen for granting permission for this unusual project. Nearly 75 volunteers helped make the 45 Thistles, many of them girl scouts and their leaders. The opportunity to engage directly with artist Catherine Evans on her process was highly unusual as was the ability to transform mundane materials into a large installation.

I appreciate that Selectmen fielded calls early on from residents concerned about the fate of the trees. We felt this was a positive result of attracting attention to the property and its natural resources as we begin the master planning process.

Thank you again for your support of the Art in Public Places program and this initiative.







One response to “End of a thistle era

  1. Thanks Pete for helping to spread the word, we are grateful for the support from the larger Medfield community and it was a priviledge to bring this project here.


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