Green month week 3

From Medfield Green –

Medfield Green

This Saturday is Week 3 of Medfield Green Month

9-1 at the Transfer Station

Friends of the Medfield Library will be collecting soft and hard cover books, audio books, CDs and DVDs (no encyclopedias please).  Any donations that they do not want will be placed in the Recycle That bin at the Transfer Station to benefit the Home Committee (which usually benefits from the donations) and Medfield Green. A monetary donation will be given to both organizations based on weight.  Clean out your bookshelves and bring your unwanted books to the Transfer Station.

Compost Bin Starter Kits will be sold from 9-1 at the Transfer Station.  The kit includes an outdoor compost bin, kitchen bucket and biodegradable liners.  Cost is $47.81 by check made out to town of Medfield.  Subsidized by a grant from the Mass Department of Environmental Protection.  Retail cost is approximately $131 – a terrific discount!  If you ever thought about composting, now would be the time!

Take advantage of this great offer!  See attached flier and order form.


Upcoming Collections:

10/24:  Mattresses, small kitchen appliances and pots and pans for New Life Home Refurnishing

10/31   Styrofoam, including bubble wrap

Only a few more weeks for the Swap!  It will be closing for the season on Oct 31st.


Hope to see you at the Transfer Station, the place to be in October!


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