MSH photos

A couple of weeks ago while jogging I met Victor Cevoli at Medfield State Hospital and struck up a conversation with him because I had noticed him taking photographs.  I explained to him the town’s process to figure out what to do with the MSH. and that it was likely that many if not most of the buildings at MSH would have to be demolished due to their advanced stage of decay, and that the town would love to see his photographs to document what had been at the site.

Vic in turn explained to me that he had always been interested in photography, that he had headed the creative department at Hill Holiday, that his son made documentary films, and that he found the MSH site inspiring for his photography.

Vic was also kind enough to share some of his photographs with me, and to allow me to share them with others.  I uploaded the PDF Vic sent to me, and recommend that you look at the photos there, as I found that they look much sharper and more precise than the jpg files I created and inserted below.

20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a

20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_1 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_2 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_3 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_4 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_5 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_6 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_7 20151006-victor cevoli-mhs_10_15a_Page_8


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