Road work – Green done today; start Pine Monday & Causeway 9/28

I received the following updates this morning regarding the road work going on around town, with the most recent coming first.

Green Street paving should be completed today and the roadway will be open to buses and cars later today. The sidewalk work will take a few weeks but should not result in the closing of the road.

The project on Pine/Winter/Harding will proceed with a 7AM start, delaying the start to 8:30 or 9 could jeopardize the plan to pave Pine on Wednesday when there is no school for Medfield or Dover. The road can remain open during grading on Monday and Tuesday. It will be posted as closed to “thru traffic” as we are trying to limit the cut-thru traffic on Pine during the construction. Police details will be present to assist the Medfield buses.


Just wanted to give you an update on the roadway construction. Mike and I have been meeting with the Schools, DPW and the Police Chief to try and determine the best way to handle the impact to school buses as well as the regular resident traffic:

Green Street Paving-Today 9/17/15 should be completed today and tomorrow if needed.

Starting 9/21/15–Pine, Winter and Harding will be graded and paved. We anticipate construction crews in that area for up to 3 weeks. One lane of traffic will be kept open.

9/28 Causeway street will be closed to all traffic until 10/9. It will remain open for emergency vehicles only.

The School Department sent out their notice last evening (see below) and we have already started to receive complaints about the inconvenience that I will forward to you momentarily. I am in the process of putting out the notices on our social media.

The School Committee is requesting, and you may have already heard from them, that the roadway work be scheduled after 9AM to get the buses to school on time. We are meeting at 9AM again to discuss the situation.

Kristine Trierweiler

Assistant Town Administrator
Town of Medfield

459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

508 906 3011 phone

From: Marsden, Jeffrey <>
Date: Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 7:09 PM
Subject: Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents:

Town officials have just informed us about two road construction projects beginning on September 21st   and on September 28th.  These are major projects and we anticipate bus delays in both the morning and afternoon runs.

  • Pine Street, Winter Street, and Harding Street will have the surface layer of the road removed and then repaved.  Construction crews will be onsite for up to three weeks from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  One lane of traffic will be open during the construction.
  • Causeway Street will be closed to all traffic from September 28th  to October 9th.  This project entails major repairs to the bridge over Stop River.  Bus stops and routes will be adjusted to accommodate this project.  Information regarding bus changes will be sent directly to the families affected by the change.

We expect delays at many of the roads around the construction sites and ask for your patience with our buses during these projects.  Please contact the Highway Department at 508-359-8597 if you have any additional questions.


Jeffrey J. Marsden

Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D


Medfield Public Schools



7 responses to “Road work – Green done today; start Pine Monday & Causeway 9/28

  1. Any word about Plain St? Our road has been in terrible shape since they stripped off the top layer around the beginning of Summer (though certainly nothing like Green St the past couple weeks).

    Ah… I wrote out the above, and then looked for the original post announcing the Plain St work (, and realized it said “stone seal”, not repaving. So what we’ve got now (mostly greatly increased road noise) is actually the intended result, and not the repaving we’ve been looking forward to. The surface is so rough now that we genuinely thought it was some kind of preparatory step for an actual improvement.

    That’s godawful. The previous paved surface, even with its scattered potholes, was far superior. We can now hear loud and clear every time a car goes by. As a through street that connects two major roads, and a long one with quite a few houses on it at that, this is perhaps more frequent than you’d expect (we’re no Rt. 27 obviously, but I’m listening now and it’s a few cars per minute).

    At any rate, I guess that’s the breaks of working with a limited budget (at least I presume that’s the excuse here). But it’s tough not to feel cheated when you had a perfectly fine road in need of some patching, and had it replaced with something barely better than a gravel road that could in no objective way be considered an improvement.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Mike, I do not especially like the stone seal either, and it is all about the cost savings. The current policy is that only main roads get repaved, and side roads get stone sealed. With Plain Street one could argue it is more of a main street, like Pine, Harding and Causeway, which all are going to be repaved. If the town was OK with the added expense to repave, I am sure the DPW and town administration would be willing to do repaving instead of stone sealing. My street, Copperwood Road was stone sealed this summer, and my best praise is that it is way better than the stone seal that was done maybe 15 years ago, such that I am not too bothered by it – Mike Sullivan tells me it is now done with a latex based material verus formerly with more of an oil based material.


  2. I noticed they are putting BIG new curbing on Green street. Is the idea to give that street the Urban look & feel with the big city-like curbs?
    I think the Urban motif is forthcoming with a big honking “Safety building” into a small town, which is overkill without a doubt. So the more urban this small town becomes and to lose its country charm, the better?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Tim, The selectmen did not get into the weeds about the details of what the Green Street renovation was going to look like, and if residents wanted repaving without curbing that is =certainly the sort of town discussion that can happen. It would probably be good for the DPW to publish the specifications of their plans ahead of time so that people can know ahead what is coming and so that there can be the sort of discussion that you are looking to have before it is a done deal. I will make that suggestion. As tot he new public safety building, there was a lot of advance vetting and discussion about that structure before it was approved at our town meeting – the old facility was simply inadequate and out of date, and the proposed facility is designed around what the Building Committee determined, in working with both chiefs, are the needs of the MPD and MFD. You raise the small town feel issue, and clearly economic forces are going to be changing our downtown as more people look to live in Medfield and as developers see that they can make money by tearing down the existing housing and building newer and denser replacements under what our zoning permits. If the town does not want that new and denser housing then it needs to change the zoning in the downtown to make each new unit require more than an additional 6,000 sq. ft.


  3. Hi, so the DPW by default puts in a mismatched motif of sidewalks and curbing, away from the the current small town look & feel?


  4. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson


    I guess what you are raising is the issue whether the town should have a discussion, policy, and agreement on what the improvements in town should look like. I would welcome that sort of discussion and planning, plus more sharing of the plans ahead of time. I will try to raise your issue at our next BoS meeting.



  5. Yes certainly, before the town becomes too urbanized. The small town charm is certainly worth preserving otherwise I might as well move back to Brighton.


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