BoS minutes from 9/1

cropped-medfield-town-house2.jpgBoard of Selectmen
September 1, 2015
Present: Richard DeSorgher, Chairman, Mark Fisher, Clerk and Osler Peterson. Michael
Sullivan, Mark Cerel and Kristine Trierweiler.

Meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chairman DeSorgher.

Mr. DeSorgher reminded everyone that the meeting was being recorded.
Mr. DeSorgher asked for a moment of silence for all of our brave service men and women serving around the world

7:00PM Cultural Alliance, Jean Mineo
Ms. Mineo was present to discuss Straw Hat Park, update on the fundraising. Committee was able to fundraise enough to proceed in one phase of construction. At this time doesn’t include fountain, granite planters, so we will continue to run the “buy bricks: campaign. Benches and tables will be purchased with existing funding. You can still buy bricks for the Straw Hat Park. The cost is $150 for 3 lines of text; bricks will be laid out within the park. Many local businesses have made incredible monetary donations. An irrigation system was also donated. There have been over 130 families buying bricks and or making  donations.  The fundraising campaign has been a great success! People have sponsored benches including one for Andy Thompson and Sean Corrigan. The Committee is humbled and grateful for the support. Moving forward a mid‐October planting would be ideal. Committee met in August 6, 2015 to look at fall schedule, still looking at the fall. Dependent on the Green Street project. Mike Sullivan stated that DPW was being held up on Green Street but are actively meeting with Aggregate Industries to address the issue. Ms. Mineo stated we need an updated timeline so we can contact vendors, employees and we need 3‐4 weeks of lead time. Then construction may be in the spring. Selectmen Peterson asked if DPW can do the work now? If Green is put off until mid‐September then let’s have them work on it now. Mike and Kris will look for updated timetable from DPW in the coming days.

Mike Sullivan stated that the Police chief called and the gas main work for Jane’s Avenue is starting tomorrow. There is a leak, nothing alarming but would like to fix it. It involves the area of Jane’s avenue on North Street to anvil at the back of the parking lot. Should have a lane open on Jane’s Avenue for travel but will be slow.

• Vote to approve August 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes
VOTE: Motion to approve by Mark Fisher, second by Osler Peterson and the
vote was unanimous.

• OPEB Trust Agreement
Mark Cerel is present to discuss the OPEB Documents.
VOTE: Motion by Mark Fisher to vote to adopt OPEB (Other post‐employment
benefits) trust agreement as presented by Town Counsel and
incorporate the trust agreement as Amendment 1, and to appoint Joy
Riccuito, Georgia Colivas, Peter Moran, Gus Murby, and Mike Sullivan as
Trustees. Seconded by Osler Peterson and the vote was unanimous.

• Water Ban Discussion
Kristine is working on an email notification system that will be an “opt in” system.
Currently in the development phase and should be completed in the coming weeks. The
Water Ban is still in effect as a one day ban. If you live in an even number home you can
water on Mondays, if you live in an odd number home you can water on Thursdays. In
both situations water only allowed after 5PM. Vegetables gardens can be hand watered
any day after 5PM. Kristine checked with Ken and we appreciate everyone’s help on this
but the river levels are still low and the ban must remain in place. You can call if you
have installed a brand new lawn, please call and get an exception for that.
Selectmen Peterson stated that the sign for odd/even is confusing. Town needs to have
new signs made up. Mike Sullivan pointed out that this is the first time with one day a
week ever. Water ban has enforced by the state the town is just asked to enforce it.
Mark Fisher questioned why are other towns not doing this? Mike suggested they could
be private wells and exempt. It is the same water supply so we ask people not to water
and adhere to the water ban but we can not enforce. State is trying to make towns
responsible for small wells but we have no jurisdiction at this time.

• Green Street Project Discussion
Selectmen DeSorgher stated the project has been held up because of the inability to get
the asphalt. Demand has been great for resurfacing and there is limited supply. Meeting
tomorrow to find out when we can complete the project. Dirt road but will be open for
school buses, binder coat, will then reopen the road. Green street was tree lined
growing up, we took down a few, would like to see them replanted, character of the
street needs to be put back in. Mike suggested it is a good opportunity to put trees back
in a healthier situation. Grass strip isn’t big enough, so now are smarter about planting.
Kristine discussed the importance of tree inventory and the best way to complete one.

• Review 2015 Board of Selectmen Goals/Town Administrator Goals

o Discuss setting 2016 Goals ‐‐‐look at goals over the next 2 weeks, Richard will
combine all of them and review for next meeting.

• Review of the 2014‐2015 goals
Selectmen reviewed the 2014‐2015 goals and discussion ensued. Attached is a copy of the 2014‐2015 goals. Selectmen stated they would give themselves an A‐ on their goals but always more work to do, but accomplished a great deal this year.

• Town Administrator Goals
Discussion of Mike Sullivan Goals for 2014‐2015. Garage was completed, the public safety planning completed, school and facilities manager in process, entrances to the town hall completed, OPEB review done, assist in MSH committee guidance, Deer and Beaver populations addressed.
Medfield State Hospital

Bill Massaro asked if he could update the Selectmen on the environmental remediation. The
restoration work at hospital had to be down at 110 feet, so drought benefited this work, and
plantings are done, done in three stages. Work is still on schedule to be completed around mid‐
October. Canoe launch is about finished. Emergency boat launch is done. Guard rail is up
around parking lot, paving will be done. Signage is fantastic, smaller signs coming as well for
trails. The found historic markers and veterans park also there in the Veterans Park area.
Granite benches are in, liberty elms planted; boulders and signs will be put in very soon.

• Request for a block party permit for Knollwood Road on September 19, 2015 from 6PM to 10PM.
VOTE: Motion to approve by Mark Fisher, second by Osler Peterson and the
vote was unanimous.

• Request for a block party permit on September 19, 2015 for Laurel Drive from 5PM to 8PM. Moved by mark fisher, second by OP all in favor
VOTE: Motion to approve by Mark Fisher, second by Osler Peterson and the
vote was unanimous.

• Plastic Bag Committee requests permission to dissolve—not enough volunteers on the committee
VOTE: Motion to approve by Mark Fisher, second by Osler Peterson and the
vote was unanimous.


• Proposal received for IceHouse Road RFP

• Email from Ken Koellner, Stagecoach Road, regarding Beaver activity in the
Stagecoach was removed by Norfolk county mosquito control, DPW; have to be taken
down very slowly to not flood. Highway trucked material out. He mentions that the dams
are there and sent pictures and 6 to 8 feet of water, activity, what do we do about them?
Stop River is at a low point. Barry is keeping an eye on it. They are a ½ mile wide at some
points. There are multiple points of damns.
• Chapter 40B, Hot Topics in Hot Market Conference 10/2/2015
• Letter from Sovereign Consulting regarding remediation at Texaco, 26 Spring Street
• Park and Recreation to hold 2015 Medfield Day 5K Road Race on 9/19/2015
• MassDOT approval of Chapter 90 Request ($933,000)
• Land Court Decision Clarke Tavern Pre Conference hearing scheduled for 10/26/15—
from town counsel that the denied for summary judgment, it goes to court, and it could
be several months before this begins, and then trial, 1‐2 years before it moves forward.
Would like to mediate if possible.
• ZBA Decision for 16 Turtlebrook Way, 20 Causeway Street
• Conservation Commission Notice 34 Nebo Street, 26 North Street
Selectmen reports
Mark Fisher
Medfield Day is September 19th, hoping for good weather. Booths are booked, state hospital
has a tent, come out and visit us.
Pete Peterson
Very active state hospital meeting to be held on Sept 16, at the high school cafeteria 6‐9 PM. In
middle of 3rd survey of town residents, 1100 respondents to the surveys so far. Getting new
people involved every day. Great turnout.
Energy committee has been busy, looking at Green Communities Act again. Solarize MA is also a
possibility for this coming year.
Richard DeSorgher
Had a phone call from a resident, if someone is injured or has to go the hospital, why can’t we
give them option of where they want to go. Who is regulating? Mike stated that the State has
guidelines for districts, each district sets up regulations for the license and it is state wide.
There is a concern is that you go to a distant hospital, exposing ambulance and town for
liability. And the other issue is that if distance, another call, there is a delayed. Kristine will
have the fire chief speak with Richard further about this issue.
Would like to set up a meeting to meet with Historic Commission.
Still concern that Ken should address at Charlesdale, needs a piece of sidewalk and some
clearing in that area. Kristine had them look at the brush. Ken and bobby will look at it.
Got a call for a complaint at the MSH for dogs are off leash. John Thompson stated the water
tower construction guys have had dogs come after them; Wheelock employee complaining off
leash. Chief stated the law says permit on leash or under control. Unless dog goes off, and
animal control responds to see it we cannot enforce under control. BOS can discuss it and at
next town meeting refine the dog leash law. Let’s schedule to have Jenny from Animal Control
come in and talk to us. Maybe solution is we need a dog park?
Email from Alex Stevens of Jewels Pond, downstream from beavers area and his pond is algae
and weeds never seen before due to lack of flow and difficulty in lower levels of water. Weeds
and algae level is normally down 25% and it’s now covered by vegetation. No water leaving
pond. It is dropping daily. We need to address the Beaver issue.
Would like to do a meeting with Columbia gas, need to invite them in to the meeting. Last
meeting in September. Talk to ken and see what they can do and invite them in formally.
School is starting tomorrow, good luck to Superintendent Marsden, teachers, staff. Drive just a
bit slower tomorrow.
Meeting adjourned.


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