School impact of The Parc & marginal capacities

The Superintendent of Schools, Jeff Marsden, attended the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee  meeting on Wednesday this week, and one interesting tidbit I picked up was that he is getting reports on the number of school children at The Parc. The school cost impact of that complex will be interesting to see.

Jeff reported that to date there are seven school kids at The Parc out of the thirty-one occupied units, and that three or four of those had moved from within Medfield.

From memory, the developer’s of The Parc estimate that it would add about 41 – 47 school children to our enrollment.

Tidbit #2 was Jeff saying that the schools all have marginal capacity to add more students, with the possible exception of Memorial because of our adding full day kindergarten there.  The enrollment is down from 2,859 in 2003 to 2,637 this year, and is projected to continue dropping to 2,197 by 2025 –  based on the live births factor alone (i.e. – without factoring in construction of any new housing developments).  The kindergarten class this year is 147, versus the MHS classes being around 200 each.


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