BoS minutes for 8/4

Meeting Minutes
August 4, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read the announcements.

Selectman DeSorgher said that he feels it is important to highlight the water ban restrictions as he has heard from a number of residents that not everyone is following the rules. He cited the water ban restrictions: there is no outside watering allowed between the hours of 9AM to 5PM every day. If your house number is an odd number you may water on that calendar day. Even numbered houses may water on even calendar days. Selectmen concur that Police Chief Meaney and Superintendent Feeney be advised to be observant if there are  citizens abusing the water ban. Town Bylaw stipulates that any violation of the water ban carries a fine: 1st offense $25.00; second $50.00; third and subsequent $100.00.

Attorney Cerel submitted to the Chairman his memo outlining the process for implementing the OPEB Trust. It is necessary for the Board to appoint two citizens at large and three staff members. These Trustees will decide where to invest and authorize the Treasurer to make those investments. The Board of Selectmen will have the authority to amend the OPEB Trust when necessary.
Names mentioned for consideration are Treasurer Georgia Colivas, Town  Accountant Joy Ricciuto and Michael Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan will contact residents Peter Moran and Warrant Committee Chairman Michael Marcucci who may have interest in joining. The Board agreed that the OPEB discussion continue to the September 1, 2015 meeting.

VOTE: Motion by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson to approve the July 21, 2015 meeting minutes with amendments. Vote was unanimous

Mr. Sullivan reported that the project is on hold due to some employees on vacation and DPW waiting for the delivery of castings. This is a priority project to complete before school opening. Much of the underground work has been completed. We appreciate the patience of residents.

Planning Board member Elissa Franco has resigned her position as she moved out of Town. The Planning Board gave notice to the Selectmen that they recommend the appointment of Paul McKechnie to fill Ms. Franco’s term. As Planning Board member Stephen Browne was present this evening he was informed that MASS general law, chapter 41, section 11 stipulates that the boards meet jointly to elect the candidate. It is agreed to hold this election at the next Selectmen’s meeting August 18, 2015 8:00 PM.

The Committee was invited to attend the Selectmen’s meeting to present an update on their activities to the Selectmen. Chairman Stephen Nolan gave an overview of their work and explained that members of this committee and the state hospital resource committee formed several subcommittees to focus on the process so that the project moves forward in a timely manner. A draft copy of the committee’s report was presented to the Selectmen and each subcommittee gave a brief overview of their accomplishments.

Following are the names of the subcommittee members and highlights of their focus:
Working with the design consultant VHB/RKG (financial advisor) as Project Liaisons are Teresa James, Randal Karg and Sarah Raposa, Town Planner.
Teresa James reported that her group met with VHB on May 6 to begin the year-long planning process. The focus is to provide reasonable economic and financial impacts on the Town while maintaining the residents’ values. Public
workshops are planned over the next several months Communications members Ralph Costello, Randal Karg, Gil Rodgers, Brandie Erb, Lucille Fisher, Ros Smythe, Alec Stevens, Sarah Raposa Brandi Erb and her committee set up a website to update and keep the public current on issues relevant to the
property; put together press releases and notifications that will be inserted in the Thursday school packets; plan informational sessions with local organizations. In addition they will have a booth at Medfield Day to provide up to date information.

Survey subcommittee, Patrick Casey, Teresa James, Jean Mineo and high school interns:
Olivia Taylor, Marykate McNeil and Dana Cruickshank
Pat Casey remarked that his sub-committee was happy to receive
1,073 responses to survey #1 which had asked for ideas of
what should be or should not be explored. Survey #2 is
currently open until August 9 and hopefully again
We will receive a good response. There was a walking tour of
the property on July 22 with good attendance and another is
planned for Tuesday August 18.

Financial Advisory, Stephen Nolan, Ken Richard, Gil Rodgers, Bill Massaro, Mike Marcucci Gil Rodgers spoke on behalf of the sub-committee commenting
they hope to develop realistic assumptions for financial analyses; obtain student projections for the next 10 years along with costs per student. A major focus will be developing an RFP to help define demolition costs for buildings that will require demolition

Developers Roundtable, Stephen Nolan, Ralph Costello, Ken Richard Ralph Costello talked about their approach to reach out to qualified developers to come see and discuss the project that will be followed by a roundtable discussion. At present 12-14 individuals from a variety of housing communities have responded for the date of August 11

Lightning Strike, Stephen Browne, Ralph Costello, Gil Rodgers Stephen Nolan
Stephen Browne reported that they are moving forward to identify potential users for the property in the fields of educational, non-profit, bio-tech.

Committee Outreach for Seniors, Stephen Browne, Ralph Costello, Gil Rodgers
Stephen Browne explained that they have met with the Council on Aging to discuss the type of housing seniors favor along with size and price range

Committee Outreach for Cultural Visioning is led by Jean Mineo
Jean said that the Cultural Community is developing a vision For the potential to re-use existing building(s) where possible to provide programs for inspiration, discovery and education for residents and visitors to the area

Committee Outreach Reports, Ros Smythe and Stephen Browne
Reached out to the Medfield Energy Committee to discuss the
best practices of energy use and energy conservation for the
buildings and consider space for solar energy generation

The Selectmen recognized resident John Harney.
Mr. Harney remarked that this project needs very careful consideration. We will not do this a second time. He is concerned that the committee’s thrust is on development and if we head in that direction it may be more than necessary, therefore more than the Town could handle.  He feels the committee is moving much too fast.

The Selectmen agree that the Committee is building consensus to find out the desires of the community and this is the time for the townspeople to come forward with ideas and visions as to what should be on the site. Altogether there is remarkable talent exploring all the different options which makes it very exciting to move forward.

Vote: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement Form pertaining to North Street and Green Street project in the amount of $52,741.64

The Board reviewed the lists of names of committee, commission, board appointments for 2015-2016. Mr. DeSorgher noted that the Downtown Study Committee has not met in a very long time and feels the committee needs to be restored. We should try to find additional members for this important committee.

VOTED unanimously to grant Medfield Youth Basketball Association permission to post signs from August 24 to September 15 advertising registration for the 2015-2014 basketball season

VOTED unanimously to grant a Block Party Permit to the neighbors of Cypress Street, Partridge Road, Erik Road, Morse Lane and Curtis Drive for September 19, 3-9PM

VOTED unanimously to grant Emerson Road neighbors a Block Party Permit for Saturday September 19 4-8PM

Selectmen Peterson announced that he will conduct his first Friday of the month office hour at The CENTER this Friday August 7 from 9-10 AM. Beginning Years Children’s Center, North Street is conducting their annual fund raising Lemonade Stand August 3-7, 10:30-11:30 AM. He encourages residents to stop by and donate to a good cause.

Selectman DeSorgher said that the Sheriff’s Department scheduled to send a crew to Medfield this week to help clean up the debris on Causeway Street, however, he said he called their office to postpone as he observed that the weeds are very high in that area and it would be difficult to do a complete clean up. Perhaps they will come in the early spring to do the work. He remains very concerned with the beavers on Hartford Street and the amount of damage to the trees along with the possible flooding of that road. Mr. Sullivan remarked that the Trustees and Board of Health will be attending our September 15 to discuss the issue. Selectman DeSorgher had received comment from a resident who has observed that the Police Officers are not in the vicinity of downtown. He spoke with Police Chief Meaney and learned that the Chief is instituting a “Park, Lock and Patrol Program” to place officers in the area on foot patrol for perhaps 20-30 minutes a few times per day. Mr. DeSorgher learned that the ABCC has issued a Notice Hearing pertaining to Medfield Commons, 270 Main Street for violation of selling alcohol to a person under 21. He is concerned and asked Town Counsel what options do we have. Counsel advised the Selectmen could request a hearing with the owner.  Selectman DeSorgher addressed an email directed to the Board from a former resident who is dismayed about the condition of the former Clark tavern building on Main Street. Mr. Cerel advised the Board that the land court has yet to render their decision and feels that the  case may go to trial. If that happens it could be another two years before the matter is settled. Mr. DeSorgher queried what can be done now. Mr. Cerel said that he is willing to contact the attorneys and perhaps set up a meeting with the parties involved to try and work out a plan for the tavern that will satisfy all involved. Selectman Peterson volunteered his services as mediator.

Selectman Fisher moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Selectman Peterson. It was voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 PM.


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