Have your say on MSH by Sunday

The Medfield State Hospital – Master Planning Committee is seeking resident input this summer before the recommended plans coalesce this fall, so now is your opportunity to shape what happens at the former Medfield State Hospital site by responding to the online surveys and providing your thoughts.

The first survey had 1,073 responses, so a good representation of the town.  As of this morning, 655 had responded and shared their thinking as part of the second survey.  The second survey is open through midnight this Sunday at http://mshvision.net/documents/mshpoll/.

While you are at the www.MSHvision.net site, look at the results of the first survey to get a feel for what is being expressed.

There is an expression of heavy interest in open space and recreation opportunities, things that will exist in spades at the site, even is dense development is also built to both provide financial return to the town and to make the village type development I envision, perhaps infused throughout with cultural elements, even more interesting for the rest of us in town.  No one will be drawn to visit yet another subdivision, so I hope we as the town craft a development of such interest to Medfield’s people that it becomes a destination for our town residents to seek out for visits.  Not a new downtown, but rather a place of such interesting new activity that we all will be drawn to the things happening there.  Yes there will need to be residents there, as we want to provide diverse forms of housing that are currently mainly lacking in town, but it will not just be a place just for those residents alone, it needs to become our new destination for all residents of Medfield, whether to enjoy the trails and views, have a coffee, attend an opening or happening, take in a performance, hear a speaker or an author reading.

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