BoS minutes from 7/7

Board of Selectmen
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Chenery Hall
Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7 :OOPM.
REMINDER: This meeting is being recorded.
A moment of silence for all of our brave service men and women serving
around the world.
Sad news to report that Jerry O’Connor, a former school committee, member has passed away.
We are thinking of his family at this time.
Happy news to report that Selectmen Fisher and his wife celebrated the marriage of his son and
new daughter in law this past weekend.
7:00PM Ron Griffin, Veterans’ Service Agent
Dedication of the MIA/POW Chair
Michelle Doucette was present in place of Ron Griffin who was unable to attend. Ms. Doucette is
honored to present the dedication of this chair. The empty chair is a physical symbol of the POW
and MIA servicemen and women unaccounted for since WWI. Over 91,000 have failed to return
home since WWl. September 18 is the National Recognition Day for all POW/MIA’s. We need
to bring to attention to this. Cannot forget, just this weekend a Richard Vincent of Westfield MA
was returned home, he had been missing since 1942. This is evidence that there is still hope.
Symbolically, this chair is the hope they will return, inscribed on the back of the chair are the
words “You are not forgotten.” These chairs now reside at Gillette, Fenway and TD Garden.
Locally, you can find them in Millis and Medway.
Earlier this year Senator Warren and Senator Mark Rubio asked that a permanent chair be placed
at the Capital. Representative Steven Lynch introduced legislation requesting the chair. The
flags, both American flag and the POW/MIA flag will always accompany the Chair. The
platform built at tri-county and raises the chair slightly. It will reside in Chenery Hall where our
voices are often heard. We remember them by this Chair. The Chair is designed to be in a
gathering place. We want all citizens to be a part of this and the Chair can be relocated for any
gathering or events. This dedication tonight represents the hard work of the memorials
committee, and I am honored to present the Chair to the Town of Medfield. Let us always
Chairman DeSorgher stated that there is even more of a local tie for the Town. Richard Werner
from Harding Street, a survivor of polio, fought in WWII and his plane was shot down on a
mission over Corsica. At the dedication of Richard C. Werner Square his family said this means
so much since they never had a funeral, no wake, this symbolizes his loss.
State Representatives Dooley and Garlick were present and invited to say a few words.
Representative Denise Garlick stated she was very pleased to be invited on this occasion, there
are many times when we are called to remember and now we are called on not to forget.
Representative Sean Dooley thanked the town for having me and having this ceremony, as the
son of an active duty father and father of a daughter starting the naval academy it means so
much. As a nation, we remember those that go and never forget those that can’t come home. It is
important to never stop honoring their memory. This really helps parents and loved ones know
that we will not forget any of our soldiers.
Selectmen Peterson and Selectmen Fisher thanked the Representatives for attending and thanked
the Committee for making this ceremony happen for the Town of Medfield.
Selectmen DeSorgher asked the Representatives to stay for a brief update on the budget process.
Representatives updated the Board stating there are three versions of the budget all 38.1 billion.
The House Budget reflects our values and we will always look for local aid and education
money. Transportation, MBTA issues are important to us, local aid is first and foremost for us.
7:20PM Chief Robert Meaney
Chief Meaney was present to discuss several appointments to the Police Department. Chief
Meaney introduced Patrick Keleher as an appointment for police officer. His family members are
in attendance and have a background in law enforcement. His dad was a Lieutenant with Boston
Police. Mr. Keleher is a Medfield high success story, attended the University of Hartford, degree
in criminal justice, and served with Hartford Police Department as an intern. During background
investigation found people from back then very happy with him as an intern. Mr. Keleher has
worked at Gillette stadium as well. Mr. Kelleher brings a unique opportunity as he is Spanish
speaking as well. To generalize it can be said that comments from family, neighbors, coworkers
etc. all state that he is honest, trustworthy, respectful and sincere.
I now present Mr. Keleher to you for questions
Selectmen Peterson had no question, but wanted to thank Mr. Keleher for being willing to serve
in Medfield. Selectmen Fisher couldn’t be more pleased that Mr. Keleher is willing to serve here.
Selectmen DeSorgher stated that it is difficult for anyone to enter law enforcement in a small
town. Most important job is to stay safe. You are the face of the community and with that comes
a tremendous responsibility in dealing with kids, residents etc. You can affect people and tum
someone’s life around without knowing it. It is very important to remember.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was
unanimous to appoint Patrick Keleher as police officer in the Town of Medfield.
Next stop police academy.
Chief Meaney announced that Mrs. Mann has retired after fifty years as a crossing guard and a
wonderful ceremony was held at Dale Street School. Although difficult to say I can replace her, I
need to replace someone at her post. The Chief recommends Jennifer Dissiter be appointed as
school crossing guard.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was
unanimous to appoint Jennifer Dissiter as crossing guard in the Town of
Chief Meaney Retired requested that the BOS appoint, Lawrence Flemming, a retired police
officer from Natick who would like to work part time as a special police officer. All of his
training is in place and he will attend the reserve in service training academy, as special police
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was
unanimous to appoint Lawrence Flemming as a special police officer in the Town
of Medfield.
Chief Meaney discussed the vision for the department. At this time it’s a great opportunity for
the town, Sergeant Mayer has retired, and a civil service sergeant’s exam was administered along
with an Assessment center, w.hich allows you to see the skills that someone has, besides just
written exam skills. Two candidates, John Geary and Lars Anderson took the exam and passed.
Currently looking at four new hires for patrol officer, two new coming in the next few months.
Having six new officers on department means they need supervision, first three years is critical,
especially in a small town. These officers set the tone for your service and department. I have
created an organizational chart, a vision for the department; because at some point, another
police chief will be here and I would like to have it set up in a logical organized manner, a
functional system that can be handed over to the new Chief. We will have several people retire
so filling vacancies will become easier with this vision. I would like to promote two to the
sergeant’s position, an opportunity I have with the existing funding in the budget. This will
allow me to create an administrative sergeant, second in command, to assist in day to day
running of department. It truly allows for continuity of supervision. A lot of the administrative
work is done at OT now, this would eliminate that. Reducing overtime is key going forward.
Two sergeants and filling out the patrol officers, is a more efficient use of what I have now,
better supervision. This full plan will not go in effect until academy is completed.
This organization will also allow for a school resource officer. A position that I have been
working with Superintendent Marsden on making happen. At this time I request that you appoint
two sergeants.
Selectmen Peterson had questions on the organizational chart. The Chief fielded questions on
how the shift schedule is organized. How many sergeants? Once this is complete there will be
six sergeants
Selectmen Fisher asked if one of the new sergeants will be the administrative sergeant. Chief
Meaney has a candidate in mind. It is currently the senior sergeant, stands in for me when I am
gone, and does this work now. I would like to make all these changes in January/February but
first need the four new patrol officers to go through the academy and approved to be on the road.
In the future there can be a change from administrative sergeant to Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, or
Captain etc. whatever you would like to call it. The Administrative Sergeants was under Chief
Hurley and then removed before Meaney got here. The building positions our force for success.
Moving to the new temporary space has improved morale greatly. The new chief will inherit a
well-structured department.
Selectmen DeSorgher was happy that this is being accomplished within the budget and stated the
Chief is the professional and we rely on him to know how he should structure his department.
What the Chief is not saying is the amount of work he is being burdened with these days. Need
to get this structure in place with hospital, new building, etc it has created more work for the
Chief. I leave it up to you to do this and make it happen. We appreciate your hard work and
extra work.
Chief asked if he could give some background on the two Sergeant candidates. John Geary
graduated from Curry college in criminal justice has over 20 years’ experience, detective for 17
of those years, and he was association president for 15 years. We work so well together over
these 15 years. How we address issues together is our strength.
Lars Anderson works the investigations, detectives, background checks etc. Lars is the person
that when I something he is already doing it. Both candidates have very good communication
skills, problem solvers. I worked 11-7 shift with John Geary and we worked together, got to see
first hand how he problem solves, known and respected. Lars lives in town, even if not promoted
to sergeants they would be the people I would go to in order to bring the new people along after
academy. Let’s get them appointed tonight and bring them back for ceremony with their families
in two weeks.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was
unanimous to appoint John Geary and Lars Anderson as Sergeants with the
Medfield Police Department.
Selectmen DeSorgher asked for an update on the traffic lights while the Chief was still before the
Selectmen. While there was an improvement giving those on South more room to move onto
Route 109 there are still some tweaks to be made in the next few weeks. Route 27 needs some
attention, made the storage area for that just a bit too long. It is an ongoing process that we
continue to address and tweak. Traffic is an issue everywhere and increases, nothing we can do
but trying to balance.
Mike Sullivan asked for the Chief to weigh in on the issue of speed bumps. Selectmen
DeSorgher cited five requests from areas such as Harding, Pine, Brook, Phillip and Frairy.
Would like to have someone advise us on speed bumps. Where do we go with this? The Chief
stated that out of respect he would defer to Ken Feeney since it his department that would deal
with snow, ice, drainage. Discussion of Dover and Westwood and their success and failures with
traffic bumps. Dover took them out after complaints of trucks including landscaping trucks that
rattle when the trucks travel over them. It can sound like an explosion and we need to be mindful
of that. We can try and do it temporarily, heavy rubber anchored down and removed for winter.
Speed bumps that don’t go all the way, allow for drainage, but don’t allow you to go around
them. Selectmen asked the Chief, Ken Feeney, and Mark Cerel to get together and discuss this
with a recommendation of pros and cons of speed bumps? Chief agreed that was a good
approach and they can talk to other traffic engineers to recommend options.
East Main Street Neighbors
Mike Sullivan expected town counsel to be present tonight, however he must have had another
engagement. Attorney Cerel has reviewed documents in town clerk’s office and feels that
assisted living is permitted in residential zones. It is a commercial use in residential zone. Mr.
Sullivan stated he knows that there is a disagreement on that issue and he suggested that
Attorney Cerel provide a written opinion to the BOS. At the 2012 town meeting, warrant says
one thing, report says another, and then bylaw, what was voted at town meeting. In 2014 we
added a review of the bylaw and the numbers were changed. Get town counsel to review this
immediately and report back to the BOS.
Selectmen Peterson stated he felt an error was made in what was passed at town meeting and
what was passed with bylaw revision. Has spoken to Mark about the two sections related to
assisted living. One of which is commercial use, and institutional non profit uses. Mark opined
that those headings made no difference and didn’t make the change to the bylaw. Question is
who tells the town what the bylaw is, is it the BOS? Is it the Town Counsel? Mike Sullivan
stated that Town Counsel has taken the position that Counsel does not answer questions from
private parties; he answers them for town boards and the BOS. The BOS should invite him in on
7 /21. There is ongoing confusion with neighbors and town officials as to what was done here.
There is a clear contradiction here in the bylaw.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the vote was
unanimous to appoint direct Town Counsel to prepare a written opinion and
present it at the 7 /21/15 meeting outlining what the issues are regarding this
bylaw and advise the Board of Selectmen on next steps to address the issues.
• Review the June 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes
o In the 3rd paragraph, correction that the baseball team in the playoffs, typo on
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve the minutes with the edits.
• Update on Hartford and Farm Street RR Tracks
Mike Sullivan is handling the application for the Hartford and Farm Street RR
tracks, redoing application to do all of them at once; requires drawings for
intersections. Discovered some interesting information on RR lines, federal rail
line has new contact information for CSX line, the new operator of the RR will be
Mass Coastal RR, not MBTA and Keolis. As gentleman for Mass Coastal RR
based in Northern Iowa and on the Cape, runs the rail line cape rail, trash trains,
concern that it is the only line across Route 109 that can handle freight from cape,
New Bedford, Fall River. A new $113 million marine freight terminal was just
completed. It will be interesting to see if we see increase in number of trains will
continue. Need to sit down with MBTA and find out what is in store for this rail
line. Currently four trains a day and ties the center up. If the freight is coming,
then what is in the tanker cars? But under federal law we cannot ask what is in
them, you would need to sit with the book and determine what the numbers and
codes on the trains mean, but not required to tell us ahead of the time.
Selectmen were concerned this could be travelling right through our water wells;
we need to know what is coming through our water supply. We have seven grade
crossings and four bridge crossings. Mike will send letter to State Reps and
address this. Walpole and Foxboro are also concerned about commuter rail, Bill
Keegan was not aware of the freight implications for Foxboro.
Selectmen Peterson asked what the impact will be on the grade crossing for water
main at CSX on Hospital Road; will that will get done by the time the water tower
is constructed. EPG has the information and trying to get it straightened out now
that MBTA owns it. Can you take the reports that we have already been required
to do for CSX or we start all over? That is the question we are trying to answer.
• Roberta and COA request to remove Ice House Road RR Tracks
o COA would like to remove these tracks. Mike will talk to the MBTA regarding
this possibility.
• Solid Waste Committee to evaluate single stream recycling, alternative systems and
recycling in general
o This is the 4th year on single stream recycling. Mike reported that as soon as the
bills arrive, we will show a complete total for the fiscal year and show the trend
over the last four years. BOS would like to send a note to Megan Sullivan, asking
the SWSC for an evaluation of how it is going, recycling system, etc. Is this the
best system; are there other systems, other recommendations? Kristine will let the
SWSC know at their first meeting in September.
• Update on Water Ban
o Mike reported that we are not bad as we were safe, very little rain, drought
conditions. Water ban still in effect, odd/even watering.
• Update on flooding at Hartford Street (Beavers)
o Pine trees are dead and the flooded area is becoming an issue. Mike Francis is
now at Mattapoiset farm not Rocky Woods, regional maintenance, keeping an eye
on culvert, position of the Trustees is that they live with the beavers and are not
concerned about dead trees: it’s a cycle of nature, trees will die, and area will
change into a wetland from forest. Concern for the Town is that stagnant water is
breeding ground for mosquitos, Trustees won’t spray, and we can only encourage
calls and emails asking Trustees about this practice. It is a problem all over the
state, we are reaching a critical mass and need to alleviate. Open space has its
• Vote to declare July, 21, 2015 Elisabeth Mann Day
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to declare Tuesday, July 21, 2015 as Elisabeth Mann
Day and invite Ms. Mann to the Selectmen’s meeting.
• Vote to sign letter dated July 7, 2015 to DCAMM regarding IRA Completion which was
presented at PIP meeting on June 18th.
o Kristine Trierweiler provided a brief update explained there are no substantive
comments, just editorial and turned over to Bill for discussion as head of the PIP
group. Mr. Massaro stated that this PIP group and the IRA is what led to the
mediation and plan for addressing the gas/oil as the IRA. Removal of the
sediment, contaminated soil etc. took place about a year ago; IRA was split into
two parts, new agreements under mediation settlement. This represents the closing
of the Charles River sediment piece. Reviewed and in compliance with settlement
agreement. Remaining piece for the PIP is restoration, one more close out report
for the riverbank issue.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to sign the letter for DCAMM regarding the Draft
IRA completion report.
• Boston Bikes program requests approval to travel through Medfield for the Women’s
Bike Ride and Festival. Chief Meaney has reviewed and approved.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve the B.oston Bikes Program ride through
Medfield on July 18th.
• Request from Medfield Public Library Director, Kristin Chin, to utilize the Town Green
and Gazebo area for outdoor family movies on Tuesday evenings beginning at 8PM in
July and August.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve the use of the Town Green and Gazebo
area for movies in July and August.
• Request from Superintendent Feeney and Town Accountant Joy Riccuito to sign five (5)
Chapter 90 requests
o Resurfacing of N. Meadows Road, Pine and Harding
o Elgin Street Sweeper
o CAT 906 HZ Loader
o CAT930K
$ 78,900
Mike presented a Chapter 90 update. $ 933,000 proposing for resurfacing is Route 27
west to Sherborn town line, entire length of Pine and Winter Streets. Resurfacing is for
Harding from Hospital to Dover plus four pieces of equipment. Leaves us with $508,000
in unallocated funds, and anticipate another $400,000 for 2016.
Selectmen Peterson expressed some concern about Harding Street and pedestrians. It is
very narrow, trees at pavement, bikes, etc. I am looking to add a sidewalk; layout is not
wide enough for all that travel on it now. I would just like the BOS to ask Ken to tell us
what is involved in doing a sidewalk there. Mike stated that he can ask Ken to look at
what is involved in doing a sidewalk up one side of the street. Take a look at layout,
drainage, and takings.
Mike stated that there are expenses involved. Ken tells me for cost estimate for Con Corn
application from DPW to apply to the EPA to get a new regulation for Green Street
project cost $10,000 to file. It used to be that streets were exempt but because sidewalks
are involved they have to file with the EPA. Future cases can use the same application
which will help. Project has gone thru local Con Com, State Wide Regs and now Federal
Govt. Selectmen DeSorgher asked if we could appeal doing work like this?
Selectmen Peterson would like to go back to Harding Street discussion. Goal is that we
connect that area to the downtown. How do you connect it? We need a Harding sidewalk.
Mike stated that Ken Feeney had suggestion we run a sidewalk up Adams, then Westmill,
then to Harding, then up Harding, eliminates water issues, poles are set back, covers two
schools, get kids on bikes to downtown. If you want to think about that we can talk about
this at the next meeting. It would serve Kingsbury, McCarthy Park, Bay circuit trail. It
would be a safer route.
Mr. Massaro stated that whatever happens at the MSH, traffic on Harding will increase.
Anything that goes will impact the traffic flow, towards Wellesley, Hospital to Harding.
It will be a problem. Be thoughtful of how you will handle this situation. It is going to be
an issue.
Selectmen Peterson wanted to know why he got a new sidewalk two years in a row, it
definitely didn’t need to be placed again and if someone was actually planning sidewalks
then I would have had them put the money towards Harding not my road. No one
received notice on my street thru the good neighbor policy, they need to know when the
town is doing work. Ken said he is going to need to notify people when there is work in
their neighborhood. We need to remind Ken of the good neighbor policy.
It is nice to see a plan of just the streets this summer, but it would be better if a plan of
what to do in the next five years, I would like a pavement management plan. Mike
Sullivan stated that compared to other towns our streets are in good condition, can’t
predict that based on weather. Ken manages his streets well. We can ask him for 5 year
plan of what he would like to do but it is budget dependent. Mark Fisher stated that you
can’t be held to that because things happen to throw that schedule off i.e. budget and
weather. Mark Fisher pointed out that Ken won an award for being one of the best DPW
Superintendents in MA; he knows what he is doing in his department. Why are we
questioning his judgment on streets?
Mike Sullivan stated that in terms of good neighbor on Green Street he sent letters, he has
spoken to everyone on Green Street. He worked out all the problems individually with
homeowners. Selectmen Peterson stated he heard from someone that was from someone
who was surprised that work was being done. Mike stated that people were notified but
they don’t pay attention until they think that we are taking their land, in many layouts it is
the town land. Ken is operating on a personal basis and can address these issues
individually with homeowners on Green Street.
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve Chapter 90 Requests as submitted by Ken
Feeney and Joy Ricciutto.
• Request from the MSH Building and Grounds Committee to authorize Chairman
DeSorgher to sign the license agreement with Course Brook Farm for the haying of MSH
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve the license agreement with Course Brook
• Vote to authorize Chairman to sign Letter to DCAMM regarding Access Road
o Ms. Trierweiler explained that this is a clarification letter. A letter was sent in
early June asking for consideration to be given when looking at the design of the
canoe ramp parking lot and allowing for the Town to choose either the options for
access i.e. parcel A or parcel A2. DCAMM interpreted that letters as exercising of
our rights under the LDA to have the road constructed. This letter simply clarifies
that we are not exercising that right at this time. We are allowing the
redevelopment planning committee to consider which access serves the property
best. John O’Donnell worked with us in the field to make sure the planting of
trees, and setting of benches wouldn’t conflict with either option for the access
Vote: Motion by Selectmen Fisher, Seconded by Selectmen Peterson and the
vote was unanimous to approve to authorize the Chairman to sign the
letter clarifying the Town’s position on the access road.
• Memo from Michael Sullivan regarding the updated meals tax receipts to date.
o Treasurer received a payment for the last 3 months, anticipating around $30,000 a
month. Planning on $100,000 for next year’s tax rate not sure how much business
to account for during the summer months right now. Two new restaurants
coming, the Rocking rib joint opened on Route 27 and a new restaurant next door
to town hall will open in the coming months.
• New Emergency Notification numbers for CSX now MTBA crossings.
• Superintendent Feeney sent the List of Roads to be stone sealed beginning July 15, 2015
• OPEB Actuarial Evaluation
o Mike reported on OPEB. Evaluation is done every two years, by the
GASB, unfunded liability of $43 million in 2011 to $48 million in 2014. Met with
actuaries, Larry Stone, Medfield resident, thought we were doing well, don’t need
to appropriate full amount every year, 1.2 million a year on pay as you go, plus
400,000 earning interest, felt in good shape, never fund 100% of unfunded
liability, any retiree has to go on Medicare if eligible. That saves money for the
town. Mr. Stone felt unfunded liability was relatively low compared to other
places. Some towns like Wellesley voted to put a 20 or 30 year override to put $$
in exempt from 2 Y2 and fund the liability, they borrowed to do it. Pension was
over funded. Surplus to do those kinds of things. Very few can compare to
Wellesley. Most towns are doing smaller than what we are doing. Take deduction
savings and then get started. Mike thought we are on the right track, will up it a
bit over the next five years. Made a good start, million and a V2 but it is amazing
what earning interest can do for you.
Will need to do set up trust, prepare documents, to accept the trust. Mark Cerel
will need from BOS who is going to be on the trustees. The trustees could be the
Treasurer, Chairman of the Personnel Board, Citizens at large, etc.; they do have
to accept fiduciary responsibility to serve. You expose yourself to personal
financial liability. Most towns are investing the money in the PRIT funds. They
are getting a good return, you have to be approved and accepted. Commit for a 5
year period. When he is in at the next meeting lets discuss this. Draft documents
with PRIT before next meeting. Warrant committee into this discussion as well.
• Copy of Planning Board Decision, Certificate of Approval for land off Hospital Road
• Copy of Resident’s Letter to the School Department regarding Elm Street Soccer Fields
Upset about parking during tournament and language used during older men’s
• Notification from Kleinfelder regarding the Phase I Initial Site Investigation Report and
Tier I classification for Cumberland Farms, 560 Main Street
• Farm Service Agency is conducting annual County Committee Elections. Fact Sheet and
Nomination Papers.
• Sovereign Consulting, Inc provided results of groundwater sampling at Former Texaco,
26 Spring Street, Medfield.
• Notification from Comcast regarding new Senior Manager of Government and
Regulatory Affairs, Greg Franks
• Selectmen Peterson would like to report that he had a wonderful wedding weekend in
• Selectmen Peterson reported the energy committee met, Fred Davis presented that
LED street lights are going to save towns 50-60% with a 5 year payback. Mike
informed the Board that Andrew met with guy looking at them today, looking at the
lighting at Starbucks to see if LED, and also looking at new garage to update and
payback. Friday at lOAM is solar opening bid. There is a short period of time to get
constructed, planning on October completion.
Discussion amongst the Board on the set charge on the street lights in Medfield.
Town budgets street lighting $42,000 a year, prop 2 Yz we took out 25 % of the street
lights. Utility charges the same rate for LED vs. sodium lights. Really no savings for
LED, that goes to the utility. Should be separate rate for LED so towns can maximize
the savings. Discussion of privatization of the utilities, are we going to resist the
pressure to fix on the fly or do lights in aggregate? Mike stated that it sounds like a
great idea to own them but not sure it is remains to be seen. Would need to buy truck,
certified people, etc., this is only $42,000 budget line item now. Selectmen Peterson
was thinking more we would buy a contract from a private utility company, not do it
in house. Buy the streetlights then don’t worry about the rate. If we own then we have
a savings. What is the rate if then we own it. Has to be savings if Mr. Davis is saying
a 5-6 year payback, and cape is doing it.
• Selectmen DeSorgher had email about warrant committee discretionary fund. Maybe
it came off as a little confusing that we wanted a fund that we would decide
ourselves, but we would always ask town meeting for the money before town
meeting. It wasn’t a secret funding source; we are not bypassing town meeting. Letter
to editor stated that we are bypassing town meeting, that $50,000 should have to go
before town meeting. DOR says you cannot do it unless it is appropriated specifically
for projects, Kristine stated that the DOR has had issues in other towns where the
BOS have had funds that were not appropriated specifically and the voters didn’t
agree with how the money was spent, think the DOR’s issues isn’t this Board in
particular but cautionary to all Boards since they have seen a fund like this used
inappropriate! y.
Selectmen DeSorgher met with Ron Griffin to discuss the new Paul Kearns Square,
will meet with the Emerson and Flintlock neighborhoods and will invite Ken and
Bobby. Met with Chief and discussed ADA issues in possibility of park street books
Attended the Girl Scout Fly Up Ceremony. Number of girl scouts in town is amazing
and community service is great. Gold award at Baker Pond is great example of this.
Tribute to Ed Doherty is great. Tree Warden says no way he can put them along the
street, what can we do in that area? Kristine suggested trees in planters similar to the
approach Amherst is taking on former tree lined streets that no longer have the
opportunity for safe tree planting.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM


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