Solar PV bids received

The town Energy and Facilities Manager reported that the bids were opened for the town’s solar photovoltaic installation next tot he Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the bids were at the expected levels.  This was Andrew’s report –

The bids were opened at 10:00 this morning, with two respondents:
Green Skies  –$492,483,31 or $2.12/watt
Absolute Renewables – Post Driven Foundation – $577,914 or $2.49/watt
                                  Ballasted Mount – $679,636 or $2.93/watt
Solar Design Associates, along with Town Counsel, will be reviewing the responses for qualifications and to ensure MGL Ch 30 Sec 39M was adhered to.
The proposals are at the link below.  If you have trouble viewing the documents please let me know and I’ll be happy to send a hard copy:
Thank you all for your hard work in bring this project to fruition. We’re not done yet but a major hurdle has been cleared!

Andrew Seaman
Energy and Facilities Manager
Town of Medfield
Office: (508) 906-3013

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