MSH survey

Get on board the town’s information two-way highway by taking the first of series of  surveys this summer about the reuse of the former Medfield State Hospital site that the MSH/MPC has put out –

What is Your Vision?

Specifically the purpose of these surveys is to:

  • Ensure that a broad range of ideas are considered
  • Provide opportunity for public input from individuals unable to attend public meetings
  • Provide opportunity to gather input from residents in neighboring towns.
  • Understand community preferences for various uses in shaping alternatives for consideration in a public meeting on September 16th

The surveys are intended to be short and easy to complete. Initially the questions will be broad, but will become more focused in subsequent surveys as we refine alternatives. Those who complete the survey will be able to see how their answers compare to the other respondents……so it should be interesting.

Share the link with your friends, family and neighbors. The first survey will remain open through July 12, 2015.

We thank everyone who participates for taking a few minutes of your time to make your voice heard.

SURVEY #1 LINK:  Click HERE to take the survey.


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