MSH planning

About 100+ residents gathered to get input and share ideas at the MHS last night about the future of the former Medfield State Hospital site.  I found the input exciting and stimulating, and now I am looking forward to getting a synthesis of those ideas and opinions back from the consultants at VHB.  Below is the agenda for the program.

Medfield State Hospital

Master Planning


Public Meeting #1 June 11th 2015

Setting the Framework for Master Plan Alternatives

6:00-6:45pm Open House

  • Visit six “Exploration Stations” to explore and discuss a variety of issues and opportunities and your wish list. (See below for more detail)

6:50-7:00pm Welcome and Workshop Format

7:00-7:30pm Project Overview

  • What goes into a Master Plan Alternative?
  • Potential “Frameworks”
  • Overview of the “Non-Development Economic Alternative”

7:30-7:50 Visual Preferences & Setting the Framework

  • Visual Preference Exercise
  • Setting the Framework

7:50-9:00 Shaping Alternatives for Exploration – Breakout Sessions

  • Breakout Groups Discussions
  • Report Back

9:00pm Adjourn and Exiting Exercise

  • Identify a short phase that describes your alternative or theme and write it down at the
    Theme Station before you leave


Open House Exercise

Participants are asked to circulate between each of the six stations to engage in conversations with the Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee and the Town’s Consultants.

Learn about topics and share your “wish list” at each of the following “Exploration Stations”:

Themes                                                                 – Open Land & Natural Environment

Transportation, Connectivity & Infrastructure           – Historic and Cultural Resources

Economic & Financial                                            – Built Environment

Get familiar with the MSH Site by looking at the 3D model built by the Wentworth students.


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