BoS on 6/9

Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 2nd floor Tuesday June 16, 2015 @ 7:00 PM


7:30 PM Warrant Committee, Michael Marcucci, Chair
Philosophical discussion regarding fy2017 budget process

Vote to approve meeting minutes of June 2, 2015; additionally Oct 21, 28; Nov 4, 18, 25; Dec 2, 16

Superintendent Feeney recommends the Selectmen vote to award the bids for Bituminous Type I-I to Riley Brothers; Crack Seal to Crack-Sealing, Inc.; Stone Seal to All States Asphalt Inc

Vote to appoint W. James Allshouse, Sealer of Weights and Measures

Norfolk Hunt Club requests permission to use the hospital grounds for their equestrian activities beginning
in September through November

Other business that may come before the Board of Selectmen

Office of
TO: Board of Selectmen
FROM: Kenneth P. Feeney, Supt. /PF”‘ \ l
DATE: June 5, 2015

It is my recommendation that the following bids be awarded according to the low
bid prices and the Town of Medfield specifications:

Bituminous Type 1-1
Riley Brothers  —  $60.20/ton at plant NO BID – delivery

Crack Seal
Crack-Sealing Inc.     — $8.00/gallon

Stone Seal
All States Asphalt Inc.  —
Treated Stone Seal $2.22/SY
Double Stone Seal $4.20/SY
$4.35/SY including sweeping
20% Asphalt-Rubber $4.50/SY
Shimming/Leveling $132.50/ton

Memo to: John Thompson, Medfield State Hospital, B&G Committee
From: Gil Rodgers, Norfolk Hunt Club
Date: June 7, 2015
Subject: Proposed Equestrian Use of Medfield State Hospital Grounds during Fall 2015

Dear John,

Consistent with past uses of the hospital grounds for the Norfolk Hunt Club (NHC) we propose and seek
approval for the specific activities listed below. The route is essentially the same as in 2014, 2013 and
previous years that was very successful for the Norfolk Hunt Club, riders, and spectators, and took place
without any incidents. We appreciate this opportunity to continue to use the hospital grounds, and look
forward to another successful hunt season in the fall 2015.
1. Mounted Hunts On the following dates: Saturday, September 19; Tuesday, September 29;
Saturday, October 3; Saturday, October 20; Tuesday, October 27; Wednesday, November 11
(Veterans Day); and Thursday November 26 (Thanksgivings Day) (beginning at approximately 8:00
AM and concluding by about 12 noon) mounted Hunts are proposed using the MSH grounds
including potions of the main campus, Sledding Hill and outside hay fields The route will be
essentially as follows: Trailers and vehicles will park at the top of the Sledding Hill, riders cross
Hospital Road, ride along top of Garden Field to the West of Campus, take North Street on north side
of campus to the large hay field behind R-Building, continue into Dover and Sherborn, return through
dirt road to the east of the campus bypassing water tower construction area, cross Hospital Road,
and finally end up at the Sledding Hill. (See attached route map.) The routes may be run in reverse
direction for some of these Hunts. It is recognized that remediation work near the Charles River may
be continuing in the fall months and we will closely coordinate these Hunts with B&G Committee and
if necessary develop an alternate route to avoid interference with this work.
2. Hound Schooling These will be held approximately once a month on Thursday mornings. We
propose the following dates: September 24, October 22, and November 19. Hound schooling is
conducted from approximately 7 AM to 8 AM with mounted Huntsman and several mounted
whippers-in. The route is essentially as follows: park on the top of the Sledding Hill, ride around
Sledding Hill, cross Hospital Road, ride around the hay field to the east of the campus and the hay
field north of the “R” Building (bypassing water tower construction area). NHC will coordinate with the
farmer working these fields. This will typically involve only about a dozen horses, is subject to weather
conditions, and will be used only if conditions are suitable for the safety to the riders and horses.
For all of these events all riders will have signed the NHC waiver of liability form that protects Town of
Medfield, DCR, NHC, and riders from any liabilities. Our insurance binder for the full year 2015 is already
on file with the Town of Medfield.
If you have any questions, need clarifications or additional information please contact me directly at the
numbers below. I would be pleased to attend the B&G Committee meeting when this is discussed, and
will of course be available for Selectmen’s meeting when this is presented for approval.
We kindly request Town’s completed review and approval by June 26, 2015 so that we can announce
these activities in our fixture card and post on our calendar of future events for the fall. Our first event is
scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015. We appreciate this very much.
Thank you.
Gil Rodgers
Cell: 617-792-0583
Fax: 508-359-8215
Attached: Proposed Route Map


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