BoS minutes – 1/6 – 5/5/15

Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room
PRESENr: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Mark Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements.
Resident Amer Sabb is disappointed with the inadequate appearance of the road making it
difficult to drive. He requests a long term solution from the Town. Mr. Sullivan explained that
as Hale Place is a private way, no work can be done by the Town. It is the responsibility of the
residents on the particular street to bring it up to code following the necessary Planning Board
requirements, i.e. drainage, curb to curb, before a road will be accepted by the Town.
Mr. Sullivan remarked that that he requested Tax Assessor Stan Bergeron to review Medfield’s
calculation relating to affordable housing. Mr. Sullivan said that he is aware that reports have
surfaced from other towns that make it appear that Medfield’s numbers need to be revised.
However, the fact remains after Stan’s review that Medfield has not reached the 10% threshold
for affordable housing; we have only 1.5% of the necessary qualification. Medfield needs
additional 67 acres designated for affordable housing. The Selectmen extended a thank you to
Stan for compiling the information. ·
Neil Duross, Eldred Whyte and Eileen DeSorgher members of the Housing Authority are present
this evening to vote jointly with the Selectmen a new member to the Housing Authority; absent
is member Lisa Donovan. The vacancy was cr~ated as member Roberta Lynch moved out of
town. The newly elected applicant will fill the vacancy until the spring town election where he
will have to run for a full term. Applications were received from residents Benjamin Aduba and
Robert Canavan. According to General Laws Chapter 41, Section 11 election is by roll call vote.
Selectman DeSorgher, Clerk of the Board asked for the roll call vote: Selectman Peterson and
Selectman Fisher voted for Robert Canavan; Selectman DeSorgher voted for Benjamin Aduba.
Members of the Housing Authority unanimously voted for Robert Canavan.
Chairman Peterson offered congratulations to Robert Canavan.
Selectman DeSorgher queried if the Housing Authority would like to discuss the vacant land at
the Tilden Village site. Director Candace Loewen offered that we have done some research to
propose housing specifically for the elderly. The proposal would be to construct a mirror image
of the existing buildings on the site. Funding will be available through Department of Housing
and Community Development once they see that the community is supporting the project. The
January 6, 2015
Page two
Housing Authority deals with low income clients and we recognize the need to explore the
different issues of affordable housing for the elderly.
Town Clerk Carol Mayer remarked that her budget is reduced for the next year due to fewer
elections. For next year she said that her budget request is 91,324.00. Selectman Peterson
compared that to Town Clerk’s fy15 budget being $94,571.
7:30 PM Public Hearing Comcast Cable License Renewal
As required a legal notice regarding the hearing was published in the Medfield Press on
December 19 and 26, 2014. The license expires March 31, 2015.
Grace Drive resident James Crowley was recognized by the Board. He reported that he has
been struggling to get his Comcast service that includes cable, telephone and internet to work
properly and has hit many stumbling blocks saying that cable said that the fault lies with your
electric company. He contacted Nstar and they did not offer any concessions. There was only
one technician that told him the problem could lie with his location. Grace Drive ends in a cul
de sac and some kind of booster may resolve the problem. Resident Russell Hallisey was
recognized and he said that he experienced radio frequency interference with his service. He
also confirmed that there is almost nil response when contacting Comcast.
Mr. Sullivan suggested that the way to be heard and get better service is to file official
complaints with the state agency that oversees cable services, Department of
Telecommunications. He feels the more complaints the faster they will respond.
Town Counsel Mark Cerel remarked that Attorney Bill Solomon is the Town’s consultant and he
has been meeting with Comcast’s Frank Foss in drafting the renewal license. This hearing is one
of the steps in the process. We do feel that an agreement will be reached that will be beneficial
to the Town and Comcast.
Aditi Thatte, Executive Director of Medfield TV said that she has experienced good cooperation
from Comcast as to level of broadcasting the town’s happenings such as town/committee
meetings, sporting events. Chris Stevenson TV Board member for the past ten years spoke very
favorably about Comcast and reports that through them we are able to bring quality
broadcasting to our viewers. He said that we have about 330 programs that are televised and
79 volunteer members that regularly participate in one fashion or another.
Fire Chief Kingsbury reported that the Fire Administration budget is increased by $150.00
to cover training and education (fy16 $139,3122; fy 15 139,162). Operations see an increase
January 6, 2015
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of $3,050 to cover equipment repair, radio maintenance and ambulance billing services and the
increase in the salary line item for a total budget request of $849,583. {Fy15 $824,952).
When questioned about the number of ambulance runs over the last year Chief Kingsbury
responded 550 to 600. The Selectmen thanks him for his report.
Members Jen Polinski and Gabby Harrison presented the Board of Health budgets remarking
that health, public health and mental health budgets are level funded. Youth Outreach budget
is increased by $50.00 to cover the longevity line item for the Outreach Director.
Discussion ensued regarding the Outreach Office relocating to the Medfield TV studio at the
high school when they move to new space on North Meadows Road in the spring. Ms. Polinski
said that there will be some costs for renovations; however, we anticipate these costs will be a
capital budget item. The budget itself may increase due to possible rent paid to the school
It was noted that the Board of Health is in need of new members, particularly with an
engineering background. Interested residents are asked to contact Town Hall with letters of
Selectmen DeSorgher wishes to discuss the topic of our need to have a transition plan for longtime
employees. These people have vast knowledge of the Town and its operations. The plan
to accomplish this will take time but we should be ready to move forward when we hire new ·
personnel. It has worked out well when Water Department Foreman Ed Hinkley retired that he
continues in his role as Tree Warden so he is available to give advice if needed. Other
departments may not be so fortunate.
Selectman Peterson is of the opinion that the state hospital master plan and a town wide
master plan should be combined and worked on simultaneously. There is grant money
available should we do it in this manner. Selectman Fisher said that he doesn’t want to take the
time to develop a town plan as he feels that will greatly hinder the work that must be
accomplished soon for the hospital site. We have a good momentum going with the hospital
planning committee and that is where our focus should lie. It was agreed that Ms. Trierweiler
should do some research to ascertain if a town wide plan would slow down planning the
hospital site.
January 6, 2015
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VOTED unanimously to award the bid to Watertown Engineering for three (3)
Col um barium Units to be installed at Vine Lake Cemetery at a cost of $50,900.00 and
As recommended by Superintendent Kenneth Feeney
As two police officers James O’Neill and Daniel Eric Pellegrini have transferred to departments
out of Medfield, Police Chief Meaney requests the Selectmen vote to authorize Chairman
Peterson sign the Notification of Employment document as required by Civil Service and
it was so voted.
Mr. DeSorgher was pleased to report that the Medfield Historic Society has an interesting
object in their possession, a Musket that was made in the 1500’s. The amazing fact is that this
is the oldest military weapon in the western hemisphere.
Selectman DeSorgher queried about the status of CSX providing a flagman for the water project
commenting that it is very disappointing the Congressman Kennedy’s office cannot help with
this situation. Mr. DeSorgher remarked that it is very important and very helpful to our fire
department and your neighborhood to have fire hydrants near your property shoveled out after
a snow storm. Also students or anyone that is willing to help our seniors shoveling snow to call
the senior center.
Mr. Fisher said that this Thursday January 8 will be celebrated as First Thursday in Medfield. He
invited residents to come and enjoy all that is offered and make the Zullo Gallery a part of your
Selectman Fisher remarked that we are making so much about Town business being readily
available when there is about 1% of Medfield residents who seek the information. Residents
who are interested in any Town matter may come to Town Hall for conversation about it.
Mr. Peterson attended the Water and Sewerage Board meeting then went onto the Medfield
State Hospital Committee meeting. Selectman Peterson is pleased to learn that the
Wastewater Treatment Plant is receiving an award from the Environmental Protection Agency
for operational maintenance. This comes from a recommendation by MASS DEP.
Congratulations to Ken and the plant’s staff.
Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM
Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read the announcements.
Superintendent Feeney has several budgets to review and began with the Tree budget saying
he is requesting a%% increase to cover telephone usage by the Tree Warden. Selectman
DeSorgher suggests a master plan be developed showing all town trees and their locations.
This will help to keep track of those trees that may be cut down due to age or disease and then
record the replacement. It was noted that a student intern began a tree inventory perhaps a
year ago but not completed. Mr. Feeney said that perhaps Tree Warden Ed Hinkley will help
with this project.
Mr. Feeney highlighted the Highway budget reporting an increase in the salary line item of
8.5% to cover the hiring of a new employee. Overall 6% increase; fy 16 1,278,157; fy15
1,207,588. Superintendent Feeney took this time to thank the Selectmen for their support for
the new garage commenting that the employees are very happy with their new surroundings.
Snow and Ice budget request is for a 5% increase in operations for a total of 287,509.
Town Garage budget is level funded at 11,203. Equipment repair has a requested
increase of 1.6%. We have to keep in mind that salary line is for 54 weeks.
Sidewalks; this budget has remained at $20,000 for the past 20 years; however, fy16 it is
raised to 30,000 to cover the rising costs of sidewalk construction. The example is the sidewalk
in front of Bros. Marketplace, a cost of $40,000. Discussion ensued about a possible sidewalk
on Metacomet Street; engineers are reviewing the project., Both the police chief and
superintendent of schools would support a sidewalk as high school students walk along that
way for sport practice and games at Metacomet Park. It would be constructed on the south
side as it would be contiguous from the high school area. As it is a short street and possibly
little additional drainage it would not be a big project. Mr. Feeney responded to Selectman
DeSorgher’s request to invite residents to a meeting so that they are aware of the work. He
said that he goes door to door to inform those residents about the schedule when it is
PW Utilities budget reflects a huge increase due to the increase in electric rates and the new
larger garage. Present budget is 73,400; next year 112,464. Mr. Feeney is pleased to report
that Solid Waste budget is down 5% because of the new tipping fee for the disposal of
trash. Recent numbers indicate that recycling in Medfield has increased. This is what we
January 20, 2015
Page two
want as the more recycling residents do the lower it costs the Town to transport to Millbury.
Cemetery budget has a 5% increased due to salaries; again 54 weeks. A question that came
up about the cemetery/ is it a complete historic designation or only in part. (MJS to check on
this question). Water budget is down 1% 897,228 presently and fy16 887,373. Sewer
budget increase from 973,662 to 1,059,067 to cover sewer sludge disposal and salaries. Mr.
Feeney remarked that $50,000 will be needed for the inflow/ infiltration study that is on the
horizon. The Selectmen thanked Superintendent Feeney for his report on all his budgets.
Treasurer/Collector budget; Georgia Colivas remarked that for her office operational
budget she is requesting a 2% increase, necessary to cover printing and postage for tax bills and
motor vehicle excise tax bills. The town contracts out to ADP for payroll services and that will
remain level funded at 34,955.
Ms. Colivas went on to report on the fy16 County Retirement budget. A 12% increase is
requested. There are several key factors that are figured in the assessment calculation, i.e.
retirees are living longer and collecting longer, pay increases and investment income. Fy15
appropriation was $1,720,395; fy16 request 1,927,321. The Town takes advantage of the
retirement board’s offer of a 2% discount if the entire amount is paid prior to June30, 2015.
That will give us 37,449 to be transferred into the OPEB retirement trust account.
Medicare contributions made on behalf of the Town depend upon the salaries of all
employees who have been hired by the town after 1986; those employees are mandated to
contribute 1.45% of gross salary and we are obligated to match those employee contributions.
FY15 budget was 412,000; requesting a 5% increase for a total of 432,000.
Regional Vocational Technical School budget is level funded at 159,201 until Tri-County
lets us know our final assessment. This amount depends on the number of Medfield students
attending the school. The Board appreciates all that Ms. Colivas does for the Town.
The committee is proposing two articles be placed on the warrant. The first proposal pertains
to the Cemetery Commission that will permit them the authority to implement written rules
and regulations for the conduct of persons while at the cemetery. These rules are to be posted.
A few months back it was brought to the attention of the Commission that they had no control
over the situation of dogs running loose at the cemetery. Under this proposed bylaw
the cemetery commission and the police department will be able to enforce violations and
January 20, 2015
Page three
The second article would prohibit noise generated from commercial equipment between the
hours of 7 PM to 7 AM. However, this bylaw will not apply to snow removal equipment and
individual property owners performing regular maintenance on personal property.
Roberta Cameron of the Communities Group presented information on a number of ways that
Medfield could meet the needs of residents by providing more diverse housing options. She
remarked that a review of Medfield’s housing indicates more focus should be directed to
seniors, empty nesters, individuals living alone. Ms. Cameron mentioned that the Community
Preservation Act allows funding be used to support moderate income housing such as senior
housing. The Selectmen thanked Ms. Cameron for her time and insight to housing in Medfield.
Selectman Peterson remarked that a resident has suggested the Town grant a waiver to seniors
for the Transfer Station sticker fee. Presently it is $50.00 for a two year sticker. Mr. Sullivan
advises that the subject should be directed to the Solid Waste Study Committee for their
VOTED unanimously to grant the Council on Aging a one-day wine and malt beverage
permit for two planned events; Saturday February 14 Dinner Dance, 5-lOPM and Saturday
March 14 St. Patty’s Dinner, 5-8PM both taking place at the CENTER
VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Music Association permission to post signs
for The Sing Off a vocal contest for middle and high school students to be held on
Wednesday February 4, 2015
Mr. DeSorgher attended the Warrant meeting where a good presentation was given by the
.Permanent Building Committee on the proposed public safety building. He queried about the
status of the Farm Street railroad track issue to which Mr. Sullivan replied that he is working on
it. Selectman DeSorgher remarked that there are many rumors regarding CSX extending their
service through Medfield and on to Foxboro. He advise that residents call Senator Timilty,
Representatives Garlick and Dooley to voice their opinions; happy to report that Nstar has been
working on the removal of double poles in Town. We started with 118 and that number is now
down to 29.
January 20, 2015
Page four
Mr. Fisher attended the State Hospital Planning Committee meeting, MEMO meeting that was
very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed Woodland Theater’s production of Sweeney Todd.
They do a great job and are very well attended. Their next production is Titantic.
Mr. Peterson attended Medfield Cares About Prevention meeting listening to reporting that are
there are far too many drugs readily and easily available to our young people. Medfield
Foundation announced that they are planning to honor Volunteer of the Year awards on March
22 at the CENTER. He was at the Energy Committee meeting where the discussion revolved
around the proposed photovoltaic solar array project. He said that as Selectman it was his turn
to be at the Maple Street Mini Town Hall meeting last Thursday. He gave some time to talk
about the importance of the town working on a master plan in conjunction with the state
hospital plan, citing that there is grant money available for the project.
Selectman Fisher took this time to say very emphatically that he wants the Town to focus on
the plan for the hospital site. We have an enormous project ahead of us, planning how to best
use the property. We cannot try to do many things at one time; trying to put together a plan
for the hospital and another for the town is not going to work. One thing at a time and that is
the hospital project.
On a motion made by Selectman DeSorgher, seconded by Selectman Fisher it was voted
unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM
Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements
The School Department has made application to the Massachusetts School Building Authority
grant program for assistance in replacing the existing boilers; the grant has been approved.
Superintendent Marsden has requested the Selectmen vote to sign the reimbursement rate
certification document
VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Peterson execute the Reimbursement Rate
Certification pertaining to the Wheelock School Boiler Replacement and as recommended
by Superintendent Marsden
The Selectmen are requested to call a Special Town Meeting for March 23, 2015 pertaining to
the construction of a Public Safety Building. Selectmen are requested to open the March 23
warrant and add a second article pertaining to equipping a solar photovoltaic array at the
Wastewater Treatment Plant. At Town Meeting both articles need a two-thirds vote to pass.
A vote is needed to place the Proposition 2 Yi Debt Exclusion question for the Public Safety
Building and the photovoltaic array on the March 30, 2015 Annual Town Election Ballot.
VOTED unanimously to call a Special Town Meeting to be held Monday March 23, 2015
at the Amos Clark High School Gymnasium at 7:30 PM and VOTED unanimously to open the
March 23, 2015 Special Town Meeting Warrant. Further VOTED to place the Proposition
2 1/2 Debt Exclusion question for the Public Safety Building and place the photovoltaic array
at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the Monday March 30, 2015 Annual Town Election
Board of Water and Sewerage Associate Member Willis Peligian sent a letter of resignation,
dated January 21, 2015. He wrote that regretfully I am no longer able to effectively fulfill my
duties. Selectmen DeSorgher wants to know is there some way for him to reconsider as it’s a
tragedy to lose him. Mr. Sullivan offered that we could table accepting his resignation until
such time as deemed necessary.
The Selectmen are invited to attend Cub Scout Pack 113 Annual Blue & Gold Banquette on
Sunday March 15 at the American Legion Hall
February 3, 2015
Page two
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Winter Carnival Committee to post signs
February 14 to March 14 promoting the Annual Winter carnival at the Memorial School
on Saturday March 14, 2015
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield High School Alumni Association
to post signs February 18 through February 28 advertising Trivia Night on Saturday February
Member Jean Mineo presented the Selectmen with the proposed plan for the pocket park,
located between Starbucks and Zebra’s. She remarked that many neighbors and residents have
requested that a plan be developed to construct a park that will offer residents an area to enjoy
in the center of Town. The Garden Continuum provided a design that includes plantings that
will give visual enhancements, as well as lawn areas, walkways, the necessary lighting, and
benches. Additional seating will consist of granite blocks that the Town acquired from the
MBTA. A component of the plan is to install a fountain and signs; one for community news and
the second for perhaps historic information.
The budget request is $70,500 and additionally $49,000 will be raised from private donors to
help with extra amenities. Selectman DeSorgher advises that some of the monies the Town will
be receiving from the new meal’s tax be directed to maintain the park. We should focus on
attracting more people to our downtown and restaurants. Selectman Peterson commented
whether the meals tax is used or not, this plan is a great idea to beautify the downtown.
Selectman Fisher supports the proposed plan and feels that using meals’ tax would show
people that the money is being used for something special.
Mr. Sullivan queried about the maintenance of the shrubs to which Ms. Mineo remarked that
the first year of maintenance is included in the budget and thereafter the DPW and Park & Rec
will work together on the maintenance. Mr. Sullivan suggested that there be volunteers to help
with maintenance, ie “Friends of the Park”. Ms. Mineo has an appointment tonight with the
Warrant Committee to present the plan to them.
Mr. Murby remarked that the Committee includes representatives from Medway, Millis,
Sherborn, Walpole, Westwood and Norfolk. The official name of the group is SWAP
Collaborative; we meet once a month rotating locations. Our first year goal is to identify one to
three areas where the towns can collaborate in ways that saves money and offers ways to be
successfu I.
February 3, 2015
Page three
Mr. Murby went on to report that the Metropolitan Area Planning council {MAPC) has
attended our meetings to offer support and tell us how they can help us move forward as
promoting regional collaboration is one of MAPC’s priorities. Their hope is to have as many
towns throughtout the Commonwealth participate. Also there is a program that provides
state funds that will support collaborative efforts. I am here tonight to request Medfield’s
endorsement to be part of this state initiative and participate in a grant application that will
benefit Medfield and the other towns that I named earlier. The Selectmen unanimously
support the committee and Medfield’s participation in a grant application. The Board
thanked Mr. Murby for his presentation this evening and his good work on the committee.
Attorney Ted Canon said that representatives from LCB are here to present information
about a proposed assisted living facility to be constructed on land behind the Peak House
and the Clark Tavern. There has been no formal filing with the Town as of yet; this is just an
overview of the project. This project will need a special permit from the Zoning Board, site
approval from the Planning Board and Conservation Commission approval and conservation
relief as much of the land is in conservation restriction. The facility will consist of 74 units
and the average age of patients is estimated to be 88, majority female. LCB is proposing to
purchase 361 Main Street for the required frontage and allow for most of the facility’s 50
vehicle parking lot in the rear. LCB stated that they have been pursuing this property since
2009. They have hired Beals and Thomas Engin_eering; one of their engineers commented
that there is a possible vernal pool on the property and that the Vine Brook was an
intermittent stream. Beals and Thomas made the claim that there were four days in a row
in 2010 that the Vine Brook was without flow.
Selectman DeSorgher queried if the building would be visible from the street as it appears it
will be behind the Peak House; response was partially as the building will be 35 feet high.
Their main visibility would be a sign at Main Street. LCB said that they favor a main street
location as it will allow their clients the ability to walk into Town. The facility will not be
counted towards the Town’s affordable housing. East Main Street neighbor David
Stephenson was recognized who said that his understanding is there could only be a single
family home constructed on that property because of the nature of conservation restriction.
It is asking too much of the residential neighborhood to have two commercial uses, the
facility and the tavern. Another east Main Street resident Don Cohen remarked that the
conservation restrictions that was placed on the property eliminates the proposed facility,
this large building.
John Thompson, a member of the Archeological Advisory Committee was recognized and he
described the site as being a very sensitive archeological area and also the visible impact to
the Peak House which has woods behind it that add to the history scape. He mentioned his
concern about old and fragile sewer line in Main Street.
February 3, 2015
Page four
The Board thanked LCB for this informative session.
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to authorize
Chairman Peterson sign the Massachusetts School Building Authority Reimbursement
Rate Certification document pertaining to the Wheelock School Boiler replacement.
Vote was unanimous
Vote: On a motion made and seconded the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to
call a March 23, 2015 Special Town Meeting pertaining to the construction of a Public
Safety Building and add a second article to the warrant, the equipping of a sol
photovoltaic array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to
open the March 23, 2015 Special Town Meeting Warrant
It has been suggested that a building and grounds committee be appointed to keep a
maintaince overview for the hospital site. They would conduct the snow plowing, lawn
cutting among other items to keep it organized.
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to appoint Fire Chief
Kingsbury, Police Chief Meaney, Robert Kennedy, Jr. John Thompson and Edward Hinkley
to the State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to close
the 2015 Annual Town Meeting Warrant. Vote was unanimous
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM
Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
This meeting is being recorded
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving
around the world
If necessary the Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in executive session at close of
meeting to discuss settlement agreement pertaining to Red Gate Farm
Attending, Superintendent Feeney, Robert MacDonald, Chief Operator, WWTP technician
William Donovan
Chairman Peterson referred to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) letter of January 7, 2015
wherein they congratulate the Medfield Wastewater Treatment Plant on being selected as the 2015
Regional EPA Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance Award recipient. MA DEP
recommended our plant and it is the only one in Massachusetts to receive this award. The staff did a
great job to achieve this goal. Their efforts and hard work helps to keep the facility running smoothly.
Mr. MacDonald praised his crew for the work they performed since his coming on board. He
recognized technitian Robert Harrington who with his biology skills has being doing a lot of the
lab work in-house thereby resulting in cost savings to the Town. Through the good efforts of
technicians Bill Donovan and Chris Strohl the plant is in good working order not only for now
but into the future.
The attending audience applauded their efforts and the Board thanked the WWTP Staff for a
job well done. Mr. Feeney was recognized for his ongoing leadership.
Agent Leslee Willitts remarked that her department continues to level fund its operations
budget for an amount of $38,189.00. She went on to report that Conservation requests a
capital budget request for land acquisition, land management and clean pond management.
The Selectmen praised the efforts for the work being done to Baker’s Pond the past several
years resulting in a tremendous change and terrific appearance.
February 17, 2015
Page two
The Commission has developed a five year plan that will focus on several goals; acquire
additional lands for conservation and passive recreation, monitor projects for compliance
within their jurisdiction; protecting the Towns wetlands and resource areas to name a few.
Chairman Russell Hallisey remarked that the 2015 Discover Medfield Day is in its 36th year. He
requests permission to hold the event on September 19 on Town owned land at Meetinghouse
Pond area and the sectioning off of a part of North Street and Frairy Street. The same format
will be followed including beginning at 9 AM and closing at 3 PM. A severe weather
postponement date is the following Saturday September 26. MEMO also requests a common
victualler permit and permission to hang a banner across Main Street advertising the annual
VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman DeSorgher, seconded by Selectman Fisher it was
voted unanimously to approve MEMO’s request to hold the 36th Annual Discover Medfield
Day on September 19 (rain date September 26); also grant permission to hang a banner
across Main Street to announce the date and voted to grant a common victualler permit
Superintendent Feeeny requests the Selectmen move to declare and vote a snow emergency
under MASS General Law Chapter 44, Section 31D and it was so voted.
Selectman DeSorgher appealed to the listening audience to please shovel out any fire hydrant
that is near your house. This is very important for your protection and a great help to our Fire
Mr. Sullivan reported that Building Inspector John Naff is working with the School Department
to be certain that their roofs,are cleared and stable. Also today the Town has sent three to four
trucks to pick up additional salt supply for the maintenance of our roads.
The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign agreement with Gale Associates, Inc. Weymouth,
MA for their engineering services relating to the proposed safety building. Town Counsel and
the Permanent Building Committee have reviewed the agreement and recommend Selectmen
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to execute
Agreement for Contract Services by Gale Associates, Inc. relating to the Public Safety
Building and as recommended by Town Counsel and Permanent Building Committee.
Vote was unanimous
February 17, 2015
Page three
Attorney Cerel explained to the Board that an Agreement for Judgment has been reached with
the Plaintiff RGL Ventures, LLC, Sean McEntee and Michael Viano. They have agreed to a
resolution of all claims and accept a payment of $30,000 which will then allow the Town to
move forward with the purchase of the property from the Kenny family. Attorney Cerel
continued saying that to go on with a court case would cost the Town additional large sums. It
is in the Town’s best interest to sign the settlement agreement, adding that the full purchase
price has not been paid to the Kenny Trust until this settlement was reached.
VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman DeSorgher, seconded by Selectman Fisher it was
voted unanimously to execute Settlement Agreement, Court Judgment in the amount of
$30,000.00 relating to the Town’s purchase of approximately 31 acres on Foundry and
Philips Street known as the Kenny land
Mr. Sullivan remarked that the two warrant articles, solar voltaic array project and the safety
building have the support of the Warrant Committee. Discussion ensued resulting in the
Selectmen fully supporting both articles.
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded the Selectmen voted to close the March 23,
2015 Special Town Meeting Warrant
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Music Association to post signs
promoting two events, The Moxie Strings on Thursday March 19 and annual Jazz Night
to take place Friday May 1, 2015, both in the high school auditorium
VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day wine and malt beverage permit to Beginning Years
Parent Board for their event on Saturday April 11, 2015 at the Dwight Derby House
Mr. DeSorgher mentioned that he has drafted a letter to the residents on Metacomet Street
advising them of the work the highway department will be doing there. He feels they should
have ample notice about the project. Selectman DeSorgher learned from the Economic
Development Committee that Kingsbury Club, Armand Janjigian is not interested in reducing
the size of his parcel; abutting lot 3 is limited without the Kingsbury section.
The Police Chief and the Fire Chief came to the mini town hall meeting with Phillip Street
neighbors and gave a good presentation regarding the proposed safety building.
February 17, 2015
Page four
Mr. Fisher praised the highway department doing a great job snow plowing throughout the
Town, adding a terrific job clearing downtown to help widen Main Street.
Mr. Peterson reported that the Hospital Planning Committee will meet tomorrow night to begin
the interview process for consulting services. He is pleased to announce the candidates for the
Medfield Foundation’s Volunteer Award for Lifetime Achievement, Jean B. Sullivan and Caroline
and Mike Standley. At the MMA meeting he learned about a software program used by
Arlington that tracks their budgets and where the money is spent. Advises perhaps Medfield
could benefit from this type of program.
Discussion ensued with Town on the Preservation Act (CPA). As Attorney Cerel is involved with
the CPA in Medway he outlined the savings they have experienced. A positive Town Meeting
vote is necessary with the Selectmen setting a surcharge of 1, 2 or 3% on property taxes. Mr.
Peterson remarked that he feels it is a win-win for the Town to adopt the CPA; right now we are
allowing our money to be given to other towns, no benefit at all to Medfield.
Selectman DeSorgher made a motion at 8:40 PM to adjourn the meeting, seconded by
Selectman Fisher and the vote was unanimous.
Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler: Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He read the following
announcements: This meeting is being recorded. We want to take a moment of appreciation
for our brave servicemen and women serving around the world
Andrew Seaman, Energy I Facilities Manager gave an overview of the project that will be
constructed at the wastewater treatment plant. The Town received a Grant from Department
of Energy Resources for 15% that covers the design, engineering and construction of the array.
The Town sincerely appreciates the efforts of Robert MacDonald Chief Operator at the WWTP
helping to secure this grant.
The cost of electricity in 2014 was about $117,000; the solar array will save the Town about
40% annually. Total cost of the project is $686,000 and must be approved at Town Meeting.
Solar Design Assoc. has been awarded the contract for engineering and design and Miller
Engineering & Testing will perform the geotechnical engineering and subsurface investigation
services for a total cost of $45,920.00. the Selectmen are requested to vote to sign the Miller
engineering contract.
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to execute
Agreement with Miller Engineering and Testing, Inc. of Manchester, NH for their services
Relating to the Photovoltaic Solar Array proposed at the Wastewater treatment Plant
Chief Robert Meaney reported an increase in the administration budget from $98,320 to
$101,270, APPROXIMATLY 3%. He will be adding two dispatchers and two officers due to
retirements and transfers of the current staff. Due to the weather the improvements to the
traffic lights along 109 has been very slow, however, he is optimistic that the wiring and timing
of the lights will moved forward quickly.
The Animal Control budget will increase by a total of 18.5% to cover gasoline, dues, uniforms
and vehicle maintenance. The Selectmen commended Animal Control Officer Jenny Cronin for
her efforts in decreasing unlicensed dogs from 103 to five in 2014. Civil Defense budget is up
about 3% to cover cruiser maintenance and electrical and telephone costs. Traffic Markings
and Signs is level funded. School Traffic budget shows an increase of 5.4 % to cover the uniform
line item.
February 24, 2015
Page two
The Selectmen thanked the Police Chief for his budget review and extended appreciation for
the tremendous job the past few weeks from his department, fire department and the DPW all
coming together for the safety of the residents during all these snow storms.
The Selectmen reviewed the 2015 warrant articles with Mr. Sullivan providing background for
many of them. He explained that articles four through 10 are on the consent calendar.
Article 11 deals with tax exemptions, an annual article from the Board of Assessors along with
Article 12 circuit breaker tax credit for seniors
Articles 13 and 14 cover elected officials and personnel compensation; the next two deal with
operating budgets and capital budgets
Article 17 requests appropriate sewer betterments to sewer betterment trust fund
Articles 18, 19 and 20 pertain to OPEB
Art. 21 Wheelock School new boilers. School Department will receive a grant from the
Massachusetts School Building Authority, however, the town must appropriate the funds and
then apply for reimbursement
Art 22 transferring surplus funds to offset the sewer department’s operating budget
Art 23 pocket park on North Street requesting town funds, amount of 70,000 or more
Article 24 state hospital master plan funds
Article 25 maintenance and security at hospital site
Article 26 authorize Town to sell surplus equipment or supplies found at the hospital site to
help offset maintenance and security costs
Article 27 funds to design addition to the CENTER
Article 28 appropriate funds for Economic Development Committee’s market research
Article 29 deals with swapping town land to DCAMM in exchange for sledding hill site
Article 30 and 31 amend Town Codes to add new cemetery rules and establish noise control
Article 32, 33, 34 35 pertains to amending certain zoning bylaws
Art 36 designate intersection of Emerson Road and Flint Locke Lane in memory of Paul Curran
Art 37 BOH requests a Town sponsored site for disposing medical syringes
Art 38 funds for a South St, Spring St and High St traffic study
Article 39 Town to vote to accept the Community Preservation Act
Art 40 appropriate funds for a town wide master plan
Art 41 vote sum of money from free cash to reduce the tax rate; annual article
The Board voted unanimously to adjourn at 9:00 PM
Meeting Minutes
March 3, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
Announcements: this meeting is being recorded
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women
serving around the world
The Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in Executive Session at close of business
with the Board of Appeals on Zoning to discuss the Clark Tavern court appeal
Mr. Sullivan said that there are 40 articles on this year’s warrant. If all pass the total amount of
appropriations would be $3,618,070. In addition he provided a list of non-tax levy revenue
sources, total 1,880, 709. Mr. Sullivan highlighted estimates for FY16; state aid $7,300,000; local
receipts 4,009,000; school committee budget submittal is 30,654,000; town budget 10,681,000.
Town Administrator Sullivan remarked that the FY15 appropriation is 275,913. To date
485,308.21 has been expended for a deficit of 208,295.00. Unfortunately winter is not yet
over. We are hopeful that the federal government will declare that Massachusetts has a snow
emergency and provide funds to give some relief to cities and towns. Medfield could receive
up to 75% for all snowstorm related costs.
Mr. Sullivan mentioned that with the preparations each day leading up to Town Meeting, he
has not yet drafted the Selectmen’s calendar.
The Selectmen are invited to attend the Medfield Foundation’s Volunteer Awards Reception on
March 22, 2015 at the CENTER. The Foundation requests permission to post signs advertising
the event.
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to grant
permission to Medfield Foundation to post signs advertising the Volunteer Awards
reception on March 22, 2015 Vote was unanimous
As a member of the Foundation Selectman Peterson did not take part in the vote
March 3, 2015
Page two
The Selectmen received a copy of a letter sent by Representatives Garlick and Dooley to
Stephanie Pollack, Secretary Massachusetts Department of Transportation outlining their
dismay of the prior administration’s plan to purchase the CSX freight line in order to extend rail
service through Medfield to Foxboro. They wrote in part of their deep concern that along with
the $23M purchase price there is capital costs of $84M for this expanded service when the
existing commuter rail service throughout the Commonweal is in crisis. The Selectmen agree
that it is ludicrous to spend millions of dollars on expansion and not improve existing service.
The Selectmen are requested to vote to designate Town Administrator Sullivan execute the
declaration of support for mosquito control funding for FY2016 to be in compliance with state
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to authorize Town
Administrator Michael Sullivan execute Declaration of Support of Mosquito Control Funding
for FY 2016
VOTE: Selectman DeSorgher made a motion, seconded by Selectman Fisher to sign the
March 30, 2015 Annual Town Election Warrant. Vote was unanimous
VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day liquor license to St Edward Parish for their
Annual St Patrick’s Day Dinner on Sunday March 15, 2015 3-5PM
VOTED unanimously to grant Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty a
one-day wine and malt beverage permit for a Seller Seminar at the Medfield Library
on Thursday March 12, 2015 6-9PM
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to High School Girls Varsity Softball to
hold a fund raising car wash behind Town Hall on Saturday April 11, 9-1 PM; alternate
date Sunday May 3, 2015
Mr. DeSorgher took part in a conference call with Chief Meaney, Chief Kingsbury,
Superintendent Marsden, Ken Feeney, and Michael Sullivan with Lieutenant Governor Karen
Polito regarding petitioning the federal government to declare a snow disaster in
Massachusetts for the blizzard and two major snowstorms that wreaked havoc in the state.
March 3, 2015
Page three
The Town must provide all costs to include overtime, snowplowing, removing snow from roofs
of public buildings, any damage costs to public buildings and other snow related work.
The Committee to Study Memorials responded to a proposal that a Memorial Chair be placed in
each city and town to honor all veterans. This chair will be on display only, not for use.
It will be placed in Chenery in the easterly front corner.
Mr. Fisher announced that the Permanent Building Committee will hold an informational
meeting regarding the proposed Public Safety Building this Saturday March 7 at the Dale Street
School. All are invited to attend; there will be a tour of the present facility at the end of the
session. Mr. Fisher announced that today is Michael’s birthday, we wish him well.
Mr. Peterson attended the Blue and Gold Cub Scout dinner. Tribute was paid at the dinner to
Medfield resident Sean Corrigan who died as a result of a tragic accident. He was very much
involved with the scouts as his son is a scout. Mr. Peterson will hold First Friday, Office Hour at
the CENTER. He suggests that a joint meeting be held after Town Meeting, perhaps on a
Saturday, with the Water and Sewer Board, Warrant Committee and Selectmen to discuss the
water and sewer budget issues.
Mr. Peterson is working with IT personnel to have a TV placed in the Chenery Meeting Room to
enable better showings of any presentations. He announced that Carol Gladstone is the new
DCAMM Commissioner.
Selectman DeSorgher, Clerk of the Board read the following: the Medfield Board of Selectmen
needs to meet in executive session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation relating to
the Clark Tavern and not reconvene in open session. Roll call vote; Mr. Peterson yes; Mr. Fisher
yes; Mr. DeSorgher yes. The Selectmen went into executive session at 7:45 PM.
Board of Selectmen
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chairman Osler Peterson.
Present: Mark Fisher, Richard DeSorgher, Osler Peterson, Michael Sullivan, and Kristine
Chairman announced the following:
• This meeting is being recorded.
• We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving
around the world
7:00PM Lyme Disease Study Committee
Lyme Disease Study Committee was present to provide an update to the Selectmen. Chris Kaldy
presented her annual report to the BOS. She cited the need for more members as they are down
to four. The education efforts of the committee have been ramped up for this past year, utilizing
the newspaper, posted, tick test cards in the schools, and there is a Facebook page as well. The
LDSC has been contacting youth sport coaches to discuss the issues. Medfield TV has been
running the Department of Public Health videos which are 30 second spots to raise awareness.
The key is prevention and protection. The LDSC will continue asking for approval of the deer
management program.
Selectmen DeSorgher praised the committee for working with the school and youth coaches.
This is a serious issue and the BOS will work to recruit new members.
Selectmen Peterson stated the Commonwealth has called Medfield’s program a paradigm for
how to run a deer management program. Would also suggest that school nurses are key to this
education effort.
The Chair recognized LDSC member Frank Perry. Mr. Perry stated that there were 30 deer
culled in this last season bringing the total to 140 since the program began. There are many other
towns adopting this program now including Weston, Sherborn, and Millis for example. LDSC
has talked with Walpole but they are not interested at this time. The program has also allowed for
the catching of illegal hunters with tree stands. There have been no complains made to the
committee about the program in 4+ years. There are currently four private homeowners that
allow hunting on their property. LDSC is looking for more homeowners and or hunters for the
Northern section of Town. LDSC would like to expand to the 50 setback from homes, the
Commonwealth insists on 150′. Can only do the 50′ setback if you have permission from
homeowner. The delegation has indicated this is not a priority for anyone. The LDSC would also
like to see hunting allowed on Sundays. For those hunters that work, it leaves only Saturday to
The Board of Selectmen thanked the LDSC for everything they do. Chairman Peterson asked Mr.
Mandel to provide a brief update on the beaver issue in town. There is no trapping in the winter
and generally no damn building until the first thaw. Don’t believe the issue will be as bad as it
was last year, but the Juniper Lane neighborhood still have some flooding issues, hasn’t been
restored to normal levels yet. BOS asked to look at the Wight and Harding Street area, upstream
of the Cronin Property. The BOS asked people to contact the Town if they suspect an issue.
7:30PM FY2016 Warrant Hearing
The Medfield Warrant Committee held the FY2016 Warrant Hearing in the Selectmen’ s meeting
room. Chairman of the Warrant Committee, Michael Marcucci, introduced the Warrant
Committee, welcomed the audience and explained briefly the process. The Warrant Committee
proceeded to ask for “holds” on any budgets and or warrant articles. The only “hold” was on the
State Hospital Warrant Article. The article requested additional funding for consultants to
continue planning, environmental and legal issues arising from the site. Mr. John Hamey spoke
in opposition to funding the article.
Snow Deficit
As of March 10, 2015 the deficit is $345,000. Need to talk to the delegation and request more
assistance from the Commonwealth and FEMA. Currently carrying $250,000 in the budget for
the shortfall, have heard they legislature will allow a two year time period to pay off the deficit.
Still awaiting word from FEMA for emergency assistance.
Chapter 90 Request
Superintendent Feeney has issued a memo to the BOS asking for authorization to utilize Chapter
90 funds for vehicles and equipment. The request is for $550,000. The BOS discussed if there is
a 1.8 million dollar balance what is going to be completed with that funding? Will this affect
Green/North Street Project? When will Route 109 need to be completed again? The BOS
requested that Superintendent Feeney attend the next meeting to discuss the request and review
the Chapter 90 balances.
Medfield Garden Club requested permission to post signs to promote Spring Plant Sale to be
held on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Signs will be in place May 10th to May 16th.
Vote: Richard DeSorgher made a motion to approve the Garden Club request, seconded
by Mark Fisher and the vote was unanimous.
Zullo Gallery requested a one day wine and malt beverage permit for three events:
• Saturday, March 21 Fundraising Event for MHS Jazz Band to New Orleans
• Thursday, April 30 Doug Olsen Jazz Performance
• Saturday, June 13th, 6th Annual Art Festival
Vote: Richard DeSorgher made a motion to approve the Garden Club request, seconded
by Mark Fisher and the vote was unanimous.
Motion to adjourn at 8:20PM, seconded and the vote was unanimous.
Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Peterson, DeSorgher, Fisher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town administrator Trierweiler; Administrative assistant Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
Selectmen Fisher and DeSorgher congratulated Mr. Peterson on being re-elected to the Board
of Selectmen. Selectman Fisher made a motion to elect Selectman DeSorgher serve as
Chairman, seconded by Selectman Peterson and it was
VOTED unanimously that Selectman DeSorgher serve as Chairman of the Board of
Selectmen for the ensuing year
Selectman Peterson made a motion to elect Selectman Fisher serve as Clerk.
VOTED unanimously that Selectman Fisher serve as Clerk of the Board of Selectmen for
the ensuing year
Chairman DeSorgher said that we are going to try very hard to keep to appointment times so as
not to have people waiting to be recognized and I plan to follow Robert’s rules of Order as
much as possible.
Chairman DeSorgher read the announcements; this meeting is being recorded. w/e want to
take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving around the world.
The adoption of the CPA is being proposed in an article at annual Town Meeting on April 27.
Katherine Roth from Community Preservation Coalition was invited to tonight’s meeting to
present details, benefits and answer questions. Ms. Roth said that the CPA was sign into law in
the year 2000. As of now 158 cities and towns in the Commonwealth have adopted the CPA. It
must remain in effect for five years. At that point a town may elect to back out of the program,
a program that allows the use of funds from the Registry of Deeds. These funds are generated
from the sale of houses and also state funds. The CPA imposes a surcharge on the property tax,
in the form of 1, 2 or 3%. These funds may be used for open space, historic preservation and
community housing. The Town has the option of exempting the first $100,000 of assessed
value. Additionally towns can benefit from an annual disbursement from state budget funds.
In past years the state matched 52% of the money each town raised; it went down to 31% and
in 2015 it is expected to drop to 18%. However, the more towns that adopt the CPA the level of
funds will decline because of the greater number of participants.
Towns/cities that adopt the CPA must form a Community Preservation Committee consisting of
April 7, 2015
Page two
members from Conservation Commission, Historic Commission, Planning Board, Parks and
Recreation. All proposed CPA projects must be approved at annual town meetings.
Selectman Peterson is very much in favor of adopting CPA. He said that it would be a win-win
for the Town. Example if Medfield adopted this program we could have used matching state
funds to purchase Red Gate Farm. In 2014 Medfield paid $45,000 in registry fees that actually
went to other towns who are in the CPA. The Selectmen thanked Ms. Roth for her very
informative presentation.
Selectman Peterson recused himself as an abutter to the property.
Chairman Pat Casey remarked that the EDC requests clarification as to what action the
Selectmen wants the committee to pursue for Lot 3, i.e. issue an RFP for the property; table
our involvement as it is part of the hospital’s plan; modify lots 1 and 3. It is noted that Armand
Janigian is not agreeable to join his land with lot 3 to increase its size. Committee member Ann
Thompson said that it is in the interests of the town meeting that supported a sports facility to
be built on that piece of land which would bring some tax relief to the residents. Discussion
ensued and Selectmen DeSorgher and Fisher agreed that another RFP be issued to find out if
there may be other development use for the property.
VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion to authorize the Economic Development
Committee to proceed with issuing an RFP for development on Lot 3, Ice House Road.
Vote was unanimous
Permanent Building Committee member Michael Quinlan reported to the Board that the
Committee received four bids for the construction of the new public safety building. All bids
would keep the project within budget, however, the company with the lowest amount and
submitting a complete bid package is G&R Construction, Inc., Quincy. It was noted that along
with the parking site at the new building, new parking will be provided at the Dale Street School
area. Mr. Quinlan said that the Permanent Building Committee recommends the Board of
Selectmen vote to award the bid to G&R Construction.
VOTE: Motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson to award the
bid for construction of the Public Safety Building to G&R Construction, Inc. 253 Center
Street, Quincy, MA in the amount of $14,877,000 and as recommended by the Permanent
Building Committee. Vote was unanimous
During the construction of the new public safety building the Police Department will lease
space at 93 West Street from Breen Realty Trust. It was agreed previously that to secure the
April 7, 2015
Page three
space until the Town Meeting vote for the building, the Town entered into an agreement from
November 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 for a cost of $2,800.00 per month. It was noted that it is
necessary for some renovating work to be completed to accommodate the police department.
All necessary permits will be obtained from the Inspection Department. The Fire Department
will be moving to the Town Garage. At this time the Selectmen are requested to vote to extend
the lease agreement.
VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson to
exercise the option between the Town and Breen West Realty Trust to extend the lease
period to provide temporary headquarters at 93 West Street for the Medfield Police
Department from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017 at a monthly rental fee of $4,170.00.
Vote was unanimous
The Selectmen thanked for Permanent Building Committee for all their time, especially those
early morning meetings and efforts working on the new public safety building.
Chairman Steve Nolan, explained that the committee received nine submissions from
consultants interested in helping the Town develop a plan for the hospital site. The committee
has interviewed all candidates and would like to recommend the Town enter into a contract
with Vanasse Hangen Brustlin.
Resident John Harney was recognized and he spoke about his concerns. Mr. Harney said that
the townspeople need much more information as to what should be done lwith the property.
We are not fully informed as to any plan and this board has the obligation to bring any
development plan or leaving the site as open space to a town meeting vote. A contract with a
developer should not be signed at this time.
Resident Jack Wolfe was recognized and he feels that by entering into a contract at this time
there may be a conflict with Lot 3 on Ice House Road and the Hinkley property; continuing what
is the urgency to develop a plan for the property right now. Mr. Nolan responded that the firm
of Vanasse Hangen is not a developer but a consultant who will guide us to determine what
direction the town should be moving toward for best use of the site.
Committee member Theresa James spoke; the committee is working hard to keep the residents
informed. The development of a master plan should not be delayed and urges the Selectmen
to award the contract.
VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson to sign
the contract with Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Consultants, for their professional services in
connection with a master planning process for the former Medfield State Hospital property.
Vote was unanimous
April 7, 2015
Page four
The Selectmen are requested to vote to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign a First Amendment
for the waste disposal agreement. Mr. Sullivan explained that the agreement is for the next ten
year phase of a 20 year contract. The tipping fee has been reduced from $78.00 to $60.00 per
ton, a good savings for the Town.
VOTE: A motion was made and seconded to authorize Chairman DeSorgher execute the
First Amendment to the Wheelabrator Millbury, Inc. Waste disposal Agreement and
Corporate Guarantee. Vote was unanimous
VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson to
authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign the Secretary of the Commonwealth Certificate of Election
for Town Clerk Carol Mlayer, re-elected at the Town Election on March 30, 2015. Vote was
Mr. Sullivan was happy to report to the Board that the Town’s health insurance rate will
increase by 3%. It was first reported that we could expect an increase from 3-11%, so we are
grateful for the 3% increase. The Health Insurance Advisory Committee recommends the Town
accept the renewal proposal.
VOTE: Selectman Fisher made a motion to authorize Chairman DeSorgher sign the
MllA Health Insurance Renewal Proposal for the period 7 /1/2015 to 6/30/2016 with a
renewal rate increase of 3%. Vote was unanimous
Michael Clancy who has been the Sealer for a number of years submitted his letter of
resignation. On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to accept the
resignation with deep regret and gratitude for his years of service.
The Warrant Committee approved a reserve fund transfer for $50,000.00 to be applied to the
appropriation of $276,913.00, for a total of 326,913. To date 654,082.19 has been expended
for snow and ice leaving a deficit of 327,169.19.
Andrew Seaman, Energy/Facilities Manager has worked with the School Department and the
Town to secure a 24 month fixed-rate contract for natural gas. Negotiations are ongoing for
April 7, 2015
Page five
electricity. Due to time-sensitive contracts, it is requested the Board vote to authorize Town
Administrator to sign contracts when they are made available and it was so voted.
VOTED unanimously to sign the 2015 Annual town Meeting Warrant to be posted seven days
in advance of the meeting date of April 27, 2015 per Town Charter
VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Lions Club to hold a fund raising car wash with
the Medfield High School Community teens Organization on Saturday May 16 9 AM to 2 PM
In back of Town Hall
VOTED unanimously to grant the Natick Rotary Club permission to ride through a part of
Medfield Sunday June 21, 2015. Police Chief Meaney reviewed and approved.
VOTED unanimously to grant the Gazebo Players of Medfield permission to use Gazebo Park
July 18 and 19 for their performance of Julius Caesar and also grant permission to post
signs promoting the event
VOTED unanimously to grant First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church a one-day wine and
malt beverage permit for May 1, 2 and 3 in conjunction with their fund raising event a
performance of Operator, the Musical
VOTED unanimously to grant permission for the second annual Women’s Bike ride on July 18
coming from Dover on Pine Street to Winter Street turning right on North Street then back
to Dover. Police Chief reviewed and approved
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Varsity Field Hockey Team to hold
a fund raising car wash behind Town Hall on June 13, 2015
VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Lions, partnering with Medfield Neighborhood
Brigade a one-day wine & malt beverage permit for a fundraising event on May 2, 2015 at
the CENTER 7:30-10:30PM. Resident Toby Burrell made the request
VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day wine permit to the Gazebo Players the Fourth Annual
Murder Mystery event April 11, 2015 to be held at the Medfield Public Library 7-9PM
VOTED unanimously to grant Zullo Gallery ForThe Arts, William Pope Director to use the
Gazebo Park for the sixth annual Art Festival on June 13, 7-11:30 PM and permission to
Gazebo Park for the sixth annual Art Festival on June 13, 7-11:30 PM and permission to
April 7, 2015
Page six
setup the tent Friday June 12, 2015
VOTED unanimously to grant the Girl Scouts permission to hold the annual Can & Bottle
Drive at the Transfer Station Saturday May 16, 2015 9-3
VOTED unanimously to grant the Church of the Advent permission to post signs promoting
the annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale on May 9, 2015
• Selectmen Fisher expressed gratitude to the residents for their confidence in the
Permanent Committee and the Selectmen for approving the construction of a new
public safety building. He said that it really is going to be a fabulous building in that part
of Town.
Selectman Fisher took this time to say that there is so much information out there that most
people are not interested in learning. Perfect example was our Special Town Meeting. Close to
400 attended when we have over 6,000 voters in Town. I particularly hate the word
transparent; it makes one think that something is being done underhanded. I truly feel that the
Town Hall Staff does a terrific job of keeping the Town running smoothly. I know it is not an
easy task but you make it work.
Selectman Peterson extended congratulations to the Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Award
recipients. The Foundation was pleased that many friends and neighbors attended the
ceremony. He said that he wants to pass on information from Medfield Cares About Prevention
to Medfield parents that they are aware of a teenage party this weekend. Mr. Peterson
attended the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner held at the Legion. A great time.
Selectman DeSorgher thanked Medfield Foundation for recognizing the volunteers that give so
much to our Town. They are to be commended. He attend the Warrant Committee meeting
last week. Selectman DeSorgher advises that Selectmen’s April 21st meeting will be devoted to
the final review and Selectmen’s article designation so that the board is fully prepared for Town
Meeting. He had conversation with a Phillip Street resident who is very concerned with the
speed of traffic on that narrow, windy street.
Mr. DeSorgher announced that the SWAP area will open on Saturday May 2. A tent has been
purchased to keep the products dropped off from the weather. He noted that the transfer
Station will be open the next three Sundays April 12, 19 and 26.
The Selectmen signed the March 31 and April 7 vendor warrants.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.
Board of Selectmen
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 7PM by Chairman Richard DeSorgher.
Present: Mark Fisher, Richard DeSorgher, Osler Peterson, Michael Sullivan, Town Counsel
Mark Cerel and Kristine Trierweiler
Chairman announced the following:
• This meeting is being recorded.
• We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving
around the world
7:00PM Lucille Fisher and Aditi Thatte
The Medfield Cable TV Board was present to discuss a proposal to create a small park in
memory of Ed Doherty that will include a bench and minimal landscaping at the comer of
Meetinghouse Pond across from the Dwight-Derby House
Ms. Patti Lynch was present from the Cable TV Board and made the presentation. Lucille Fisher
handed out the design for the park. It will be called the Ed Doherty Memorial Garden to show
appreciation for his volunteer contributions. Mr. Doherty was a resident for 45 years, very active,
Medfield Baseball, Hockey, Lions Club, 325th and 350th Anniversary Committees, Red Cross
Blood Mobile Drive, Warrant Committee, and of course Medfield TV. Mr. Doherty had two
shows including Eye on Medfield and Sharing Stories. Medfield TV will be funding the garden
with the help of community members. The garden design donated by Monique Allen and Garden
Continuum. Mr. Doherty and Ms. Allen had developed a landscaping show at Medfield TV. The
design will take place around a new granite bench and a tree believed to have been planted as
part of the 350th Anniversary. The Memorial Garden shows our appreciation,
This will honor Ed and inspire others to volunteer in the community. We urge you to please
approve this plan tonight.
Selectmen DeSorgher stated that he knew Mr. Doherty forever, was a saint of a person, so
involved and loved Medfield. There is no one more deserving. Selectman DeSorgher suggested
that Medfield TV work with Park and Rec for approval of maintenance. Should also check in
with the gold award candidate that is looking to put a bridge over the spillway, downtown study
committees and town planner who is looking at a summit for the downtown and includes Baker’s
pond. My only hesitation on this is that other groups are informed of our decision. Just work on
coordination. The Master Plan said focus on this key area of the downtown, this is a great idea,
just make sure everyone is on same page
Selectman Fisher would to clarify the location. It is in the comer by Dwight Derby, end of
Bakers Pond and right around from where Medfield Day has happened every year.
Selectmen Peterson asked if there is a park bench there now? Additi clarified that Medfield TV
was working with the former Director of Park and Rec but will touch base with new Director.
Medfield TV will talk with other committees.
Attorney Cerel was not sure whose jurisdiction this was but there needs to be notification to the
Conservation Commission because of proximity to the pond.
Mike Sullivan suggested that it be away from the street to avoid any damage from the snow
plows. Ms. Fisher stated that Monique’s design took those aspects into consideration.
Selectmen DeSorgher stated that as long as you touch base with the others including Highway,
and the Town Planner then go ahead. Would like to point out that Frairy Street looks awful on
the pond side. It.needs some trees and revitalization to that that area. It is part of cultural district,
under used, and could be better used.
Selectmen Fisher stated that this could be a good kickoff event for that area.
VOTE: Selectmen Peterson made a motion to endorse the creation of the Ed Doherty
Memorial Garden and proceed with the project, seconded by Selectmen
Fisher and the vote were unanimous.
Selectmen DeSorgher asked to task the Tree Warden with looking at the planting of trees along
Frairy, Mike suggested they be careful not to infringe upon MEMO Day, will have DPW take a
look. Selectmen DeSorgher also suggested that we begin process of master plan for trees.
Ms. Fisher added that the plan is to dedicate the Memorial Garden just before Medfield Day.
7:15PM Developer Robert Borelli and Attorney James Murphy and the Medfield
Historical Commission
Discussion of 3 Metacomet Street and implementation of the Demolition
Delay Bylaw by the Medfield Historical Commission.
Attorney Murphy was representing his client Mr. Borelli. Selectmen DeSorgher stated that
before we begin let’s set some ground rules for this discussion, Board of Selectmen will hear
from Attorney Murphy, then Medfield Historic Commission, then any residents or abutters,
and then will come back to the BOS for discussion.
Attorney Cerel asked the Chair if he could provide some background to the hearing. The Board
of Selectmen is hearing this issue under a local bylaw which falls under home rule authority; it is
not statutory in nature. It is triggered by a determination that 3 Metacomet Street is a historically
significant structure, to do so the Medfield Historic Commission must review and determine the
property meets certain criteria. The Commission has made this determination but in Attorney
Cerel’ s opinion they did not provide sufficient documentation to express their opinion. Therefore
the applicant has requested an appeal which is the reason for the hearing tonight where the Board
of Selectmen will be asked to make the determination.
Selectmen DeSorgher officially opened the hearing at 7:18PM.
Attorney James Murphy representing Medfield Investment LLC, had a demo request for 3
Metacomet, the demolition request triggered a bylaw review by Medfield Historic Commission,
triggered it because it is a building which was built 50 years prior to date of application. The
house is not in historic district or archeological preservation district. It was built around 1950,
and is one of approximately 150 cape style buildings constructed in 1940s to 1960 in Medfield. It
does not meet the criteria in the bylaw.
It order for it be found distinctive, significant, and important there would have needed to have a
been an historic person or event took place at the house then it could be historic or famed
architect built or designed the home then it would then be important no matter condition of
house, it could be unique to Medfield’s history. None of those things happened on this property.
It is only unique is that it lives in infamy in that it has not been paying taxes to the town and is in
sever disrepair, kerosene is the main source of heat. Did go to hearing and follow up to discuss
the determination, but Historic Commission called the street scape as the importance of this
home. This home is a rectangular house on small rectangular lot, quarter acre lot, we have
provided property record cards for all buildings on street, there are two capes built in 1950; two
colonials built in 1960, and one historic 1860 colonial. No landscape that would warrant
protection. We took a sample of other field cards of all the capes in town and determined there
are really three types: v around the front door, flat cape, and dormer window capes. When
considering this situation you must ask is it that likely someone would move this house to
another location? Is there a likelihood that any part of the house would be kept? It is a very
common property to Medfield. There is a great power given to the Medfield Historic
Commission from Town Meeting, it should be used sparingly as it affects individual property
rights. It should not be used here in this case. . Attorney Murphy submitted a listing from
assessor of 150 capes built between 1946 and 1960, 19 pages handout of similar homes in RU
district, print out of the 5 cards from Metacomet Street. Attorney Murphy also asked that the
memo for appeal be included in the submittal for the official record.
Dan Bibel spoke as Co-Chair of the Medfield Historic Commission. Attorney Murphy made a
statement that is important, as a taxpayer and member of Medfield Historic Commission, we
respect the rights of property owners, we are charged to protect and preserve the historic
significance of Medfield. Attorney Murphy also said we have serious power and that is used
sparingly, in the last 25 years, 75 percent of cases we have approved the demo at the hearing, and
in a few cases we lifted the demo delay before the period expired. We agree with Attorney
Murphy that this is a great power and it is used sparingly.
Mr. Bible stated that he wanted to talk about the process, a public hearing was held on March 11,
2015, it was duly advertised and abutters notified. Applicant could not attend due to a conflict
wither another town board and did inform us. The bylaws are general terms for criteria. Historic
Significance means is not the only one. It didn’t matter if George Washington slept there or not.
This bylaw was adopted to protect the aesthetic resources of the town. I want to emphasize that
any building which falls under Section b” by itself or in context with a group of structures, no
one lived here in this home; there are other capes in Medfield. But the Historic Commission is
looking at context of which this Cape is set in. Please see the set of pictures on Metacomet. They
are small single family houses that have neighborhood context and we are allowed to look at
under the bylaw. Historic Commission discussed many factors at the meeting. The abutters were
present and concerns about scale of any new construction. The abutters did not determine our
outcome. The bylaw requires that we institute the time of delay at time of vote, the commission
is more than happy to listen to why it can’t be saved, moved etc. We have listened to other
applicants explain, why it can’t rehabilitated, we are required by the bylaw to have this vote and
impose the delay, but if applicant can say why he can’t save it then he can meet with us. We have
another meeting next Wednesday, Mr~ Borelli can come and we can talk about it. He didn’t come
to the last meeting, wanted to go directly to an appeal hearing with the BOS. The house is in bad
condition, it hasn’t been kept up, kerosene heat etc, but that smell can be rehabilitated. We are
meeting on the 13th and he is invited to attend at that time.
Attorney Cerel asked Mr. Bibel to explain specifically which criteria the Historic Commission
used to satisfy the decision that this was an historic structure.
Mr. Bibel stated he would be happy to do that. The Commission discussed their opinions in the
context of history and neighborhood. It is a good classic example, interesting unique layout of
scale and layout. Neighborhood context is key; it’s of a particular size, context of the
neighborhood. These are the criteria we used. It is significant in size, scale and context; bylaws
allow us to look at those criteria.
The Chair recognized Ms. Cheryl O’Malley. Ms. O’Malley stated she wanted to talk about the
size and context of the home, she agreed that capes are a dime a dozen, but you don’t realize the
difference in them. There is a full cape, half cape and quarter cape. After a certain time frame all
called Cape Cod structures. This home has that look and if you look at the house, take off
addition then it looks like a half cape, before WWII era, we can look at this as a possibility that it
is an older structure than we are assuming it is based on the Assessor’s records.
Chair recognized Ancelin Wolfe, Medfield Historic Commission. Ms. Wolfe would like to point
out that Medfield is following a national precedent from 1966, the National Historic Preservation
Act. It states that buildings matter not just where Lafayette slept but also matter is where the
common man lived. This was a presidential action to address urban renewal and destruction of
common man homes. Small buildings matter too, history is a continuum. The 50 year cut off lets
us be reasonable. This home is significant we need to give it a second chance. This house with
this floor plan is quite unusual, enough architectural interest to save it, based on national
Chairman DeSorgher asked for any additional comments from neighbors and or abutters, hearing
none, the Chair asked the Board for comments.
Chairman DeSorgher thanked the historic commission; they are volunteers give up the time and
represent Medfield. We need this representation, we ask you to do just that for us. You give up
many nights and time; you don’t have any lawyers here, just volunteers doing your very best. We
ask you to do this just like conservation commission, water and sewer board etc. I have attended
many meetings and would push you to take more action on many of the houses you have allowed
to be demolished. This board doesn’t hold everyone up, if anything you go the other way,
respecting the rights of the property owners. Thank you for all you do.
Chairman DeSorgher recognized Selectmen Fisher.
Selectmen Fisher had a couple of comments regarding the individual property rights of the
owners. Many homeowners have their life savings invested in their home, need to always be very
careful that we don’t infringe upon that right. We can’t have them passing judgment when they
are abiding by the law and it is an investment. Selectmen Fisher appreciates you take that into
account. These individual rights are why there is a property registry, land records, no secretes
and agendas. The concern has been that this bylaw was amended that we now have a 50 year
threshold which is that almost every house in Medfield. The vast majority built in the 1950s and
1960s. This is a concern that everyone will have to go thru this process. Not quite sure that 50 is
the right threshold. My house is 1959 raised ranch, nothing special. Need to look at big picture
and property rights.
Chairman DeSorgher recognized Selectmen Peterson.
Selectmen Peterson asked a few questions. The first question is who owns the home? Is it Mr.
Borelli is the owner, is it under purchase and sale? Attorney Murphy stated it is under a P&S and
that has been continued twice already. Selectmen Peterson stated that a delay will affect the
current owner’s rights. Selectmen Peterson asked Town Counsel if he had reviewed the appeal
letter from Attorney Murphy. Attorney Cerel did review and he agrees with the analysis supplied
within the appeal. Attorney Cerel stated he has reviewed the court cases and municipalities can
reasonably regulate in case like this. In this case there are no specific findings from the Historic
Commission that fall under the criteria allowed under the Demolition Delay Bylaw.
Chairman DeSorgher stated that Mr. Bible did that, the neighborhood and context is not part of
those criteria? The bylaw is very broadly written. Attorney Cerel stated that he strongly argued
against passage of the 50 year benchmark. A specific year should have been chosen. Criteria are
laid out in the bylaw and they need to be applied directly to the application and that was not done
Selectmen Peterson asked for a clarification of process. The Historic Commission has made a
decision, what is the role of the Board of Selectmen tonight? Attorney Cerel stated that the Board
of Selectmen can make the decision tonight on the appeal.
Chairman DeSorgher stated that the bylaw is broad to include architectural, cultural, or economic
history that is wide open to address these issues. Selectmen Fisher stated he did not think this
will pass legal muster if it doesn’t have as basis in reasonable nature. Selectmen Peterson said it
doesn’t appear to me this structure is architecture significant but it disturbs me that no one for
applicant attended hearing. Attorney Murphy stated Mr. Borelli did come to hearing, it was late
at the end of meeting and he did say he would be late.
Mr. Bible stated that we did invite the applicant to come to the hearing on the 13th and explain
why it can’t be saved: is their mold, structural defects, etc. We can hear him out on this. We can
lift the demo delay bylaw if necessary. Mr. Bible stated what is important is process we have
been using, it has flexibility. We have used this process to try and work with the owners. It is not
arbitrary; it is respectful of property owner’s rights. Taking the rights away from the owner is not
taking lightly by anyone. This process works, it is transparent and we are okay with the BOS
over ruling us. There has been only one other BOS appeal, it occurs very rarely. We are fine with
whatever the BOS decide but this is a process and we followed it.
Michael Sullivan suggested the BOS take all of this under advisement, go look at the house, and
tour it, while the owners and historic commission review further. Then make a ruling at your
next meeting.
Chairman DeSorgher stated he was familiar with the house. There are other capes in town; all
were built in the Summer, Lowell Mason, Renson areas. The village area of Metacomet, Oak,
Pleasant, South are in the flat plains area of Medfield and are different from other capes, they are
not full of capes. The BOS are supposed to represent the people, the Historic Commission
respects the owners, and the debate should be whether a building is cosmetically or structurally
sound. I think the home has architectural value and will not second guess the historic
commission. At this time I am looking to entertain a motion and end the hearing.
Selectmen Peterson stated he is still bothered by the control over the private property owners,
there is a purchase and sale agreement in place and this is hurting the current owner. If there is
kerosene heating the home, then this situation is bad and we need to get it moving. After baseball
parade had a chance to view the home and not impressed with the historical significance. While I
defer to the process in place I urge the historic commission and the applicant to meet and work
out a solution and then come back to us.
Chairman DeSorgher made a motion to stand by the decision of the Medfield Historic
Commission. Selectmen Fisher said he would not vote for that, Selectmen Peterson asked that
the hearing be continued so that the applicant and historic commission can meet on May 13th and
come back to us with a resolution.
Vote: Selectmen Peterson made a motion to continue the hearing until the next meeting
on May 19th, allowing the applicant and the historic commission to meet and
revisit the application. Seconded by Selectmen Fisher and the vote were
• Discuss cell tower leases
Mike updated the Board, the RFP for the cell tower is almost ready to go, this was
brought about by a carrier wanting to locate on private property adjacent to the
Longmeadow neighborhood. A proposal for DS High School was withdrawn. Medfield
will issue RFP for interest in the new water tower. Mike has reviewed the RFP with Dave
Maxon, of the Radio Tower Study Committee, and will be issued this summer.
• Removing tracks at Farm Street and Harding Street
Mike updated the board stating that it is at a standstill until we get approval from the
• Approve minutes of April 21, 2015
Vote: Selectmen Fisher moved to approve the minutes of April 21, 2015, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Vote to sign Contract with G&R Construction, Inc, Contractor for the Public Safety
Building. At the last meeting you voted to award and tonight you will vote to sign the
contract. Full contract has been reviewed by Special Counsel and is ready for your
signature. We have also included a Notice to Proceed to be signed tonight as well.
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to sign the contract with G&R Construction for
the Public Safety Building, and sign the Notice to Proceed, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson, and the vote was unanimous.
Discuss State Hospital LDA
Kristine Trierweiler explained that she was asked by Mr. Bill Massaro to draft a letter
requesting the Board of Selectmen take advantage of the option in the LDA that allows
the access road for the boat launch to be placed on the DCR parcel not the main campus
parcel that the town has purchased. The letter has been reviewed by Attorney Stolfa and
comments have been solicited from this board. After preparing the letter, placing it on
your agenda I discovered that this concept for the roadway access has not been discussed
with the Master Planning Committee. My concern is not the merits of the letter but the
process. This impacts the site and is an issue that needs to be discussed with everyone
involved in the process.
Selectmen DeSorgher and Selectmen Fisher agreed that the Master Planning Committee
should be part of the process and suggested they review it. Selectmen Peterson stated that
he wanted to have it signed and suggested the language be stronger as he suggested in his
edits earlier in the day. Ms. Trierweiler explained she had included the language but it
had been struck by several people for being too direct.
Selectmen DeSorgher recognized Mr. Massaro. Mr. Massaro stated that this will be news
to the Committee, but he feel it is imperative it be signed immediately, he suggested it a
month ago and losing the window on design. The concern is the parking lot being
constructed now will not accept the road in the future. Would like the BOS to sign
Ms. Trierweiler suggested they vote to sign it if the Master Planning Committee has no
comments. It can come back at the next meeting after review.
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the letter
exercising the towns rights under the LDA for roadway access subject to review
by the Master Planning Committee, any changes and comments from Master
Planning Committee will come back to the BOS for discussion. Seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
Selectmen will review the calendar and discuss at the next meeting. Selectmen
DeSorgher would like to add Ed Hinkley to come in as Tree Warden on June 2nd. There
can be a discussion of Metacomet Street and sidewalks, tree planting in the Frairy Street
• Council on Aging requests one day wine and malt beverage permits for June 17, July
15 and August 5 Summer Cook outs; August 19, Pot Luck Supper; August 26
CHICO’s Fall Fashion Show and September 16 Summer’s almost over cookout
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Longmeadow Road neighbors request permission to hold a Block Party on Saturday
May 16 1:30 to 5:00 PM (rain date of May 30) at Evergreen Way and Spring Valley
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Medfield Farmers Market, Alison Galley Market Manager requests permission to
hold the Summer 2015 Farmers Market June 4 through September 24 on the First
Parish Church grounds; also request permission to post signs promoting the weekly
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Cheryl O’Malley, President Friends of Dwight-Derby House requests permission to
post future signs per attached monthly schedule announcing events
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Music Association requests permission to place signs promoting Medfield High
School Pops Concert on May 16 in the high school gymnasium
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Bill Pope and Chris McCue-Potts request permission to post signs May 30 to June 13
advertising the annual Zullo Arts Festival on June 13
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Medfield Lions Club request permission to hold the “Lions Toll Booth” Saturday
May 9, 2015, 9AM to Noon at North and Main Streets, in front of Blue Moon Bakery
and perhaps at the Transfer Station
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
• Chaz Augustini Medfield High School and member of the organization “Bikes Not
Bombs” requests permission to post signs promoting the annual collection of bicycles
at the Transfer Station on Saturday May 30
Vote: Selectmen Fisher made a motion to approve the request, seconded by
Selectmen Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
Selectmen Fisher reported that it is a big day tomorrow, kick off consultants for Medfield State
Hospital, looking to jumpstart the process, looking forward beginning the process. The
Committee is moving along nicely. Let’s keep the momentum going.
Selectmen Peterson stated he attended the Wentworth design presentations for concepts for MSH
and exciting. The access to computer generated visuals of what it could look like is fascinating.
There were 18 different groups that suggested hotels, housing, etc. It is very exciting to think of
the opportunities. Would like to thank Medfield youth baseball and softball for asking to
marching in parade, although next we will go in front of the fire trucks. MCAP working on tip
line, not progressed yet, voted to ask that BOS to raise tobacco age to 21. Been reading the
parking study from a year ago, in June we should start to add to the to do list, and an action item
that should be addressed. The report suggests that the premium spaces should be parking meters.
There are interesting suggestions on how to handle the parking spaces.
Selectmen DeSorgher suggested that the parking be part of the downtown summit that Sara
Raposa is putting together. The focus on this will be in the fall, let’s have Ms. Raposa in after
that to discuss it. Ken Feeney is having some preliminary designs completed for a parking deck
in the municipal lot.
Selectmen Peterson asked to have the Chief look at a light issue. It might have been a onetime
thing, but there was an issue with the left tum arrow coming down North Street to Route 109.
One last item is to have a meeting with the financial planning summit with Water and Sewer and
the Warrant Committee. Have set up a drop box with information that should be reviewed.
Discussion ensued over summer or fall time for meeting. Mr. Sullivan will talk to all parties and
set up for June if possible.
Selectmen DeSorgher also went to WIT to view the MSH presentation. The work is great, and
with no price tag it is great to see what they can do with their ideas. Marched in baseball parade,
would like to say the town has great coaches, players, volunteers for all youth sports, would just
like to say a thank you to all. Can we get a thank you note for cleanup, God Loves Medfield Day,
the cleanup day went well, volunteers cleaned and raked gazebo area, meeting house pond area.
For the next meeting let’s have a letter to sign and thank for efforts. The grist mill committee
working on their clean up and doing a great job. Would like to follow up on this idea of having
the Sheriffs come in to do litter. Kristine suggested they talk to the Police Chief who has had
them come to town before. Selectmen DeSorgher would like to see the Hartford Street area,
Causeway, and all of Route 109. Attended the Cultural Council play at first parish, it was great,
the Cultural Council and their grants are great for the town. Received a number of phone calls,
over the weekend with concerns that trees being cut down or marked to be cut down at MSH. It
is a public art project sponsored by Jean Mineo and the point is to draw the attention to the trees
and the grounds.
Mr. Sullivan informed the BOS there may be a need to weld doors shut. They are dangerous
buildings to enter please stay out. It isn’t just exploring kids, but organized groups of adults
looking for paranormal activity Selectmen Peterson asked that Building and Grounds take a look
at the trees on site, the sugar maples, are failing at the entry way to MSH.
Mr. Caragliano, told the BOS that you have beetles, having an infestation in the pine trees, pine
needles turning copper color. This is not a high salt area issue; there are hundreds of them in bad
shape, some of them 4-6 8 in diameter, spreading into Dover and Walpole. Bobby Kennedy will
take a look with the Tree Warden and look for the beetle. Mr. Caragliano has been looking but
cannot find it. Believes the issue has been going on for years.
Selectmen DeSorgher would like to apologize to the SW AP Committee. The BOS gave
permission to DPW to open the MTS open on Sunday, never notified swap that it would be open,
they didn’t know it was going to be open and had to scramble to get volunteers. We need to have
better communication and make sure everyone knows what is going on in Town. Mr. Sullivan
congratulated the DPW for the great job in getting the SW AP area open for May 1st. Selectmen
DeSorgher also would like to notify DPW that there are a number of pot holes on Ledgetree
• MEMA to hold briefings to explain the reimbursement process for receiving federal
funds to cover eligible expenses incurred during the January blizzard. Ken Feeney,
Joy Riccuito, Bob Kennedy and Donna Cimeno to attend May 7 session in Norwood
• President declared one major storm 48 hours for reimbursement. 72 hours
total, hoping for enough to cover the 129 shortfall.
• Norfolk County Agricultural High School announces In-county tuition rate of
$1,868.00 for the 2015-2016 school year
• A lot of schools not paying this, this is over and above what they get for
budgeting. This is part of the county government. Commissioners make
the decision.
• Copy of ZBA decisions #1240, 1241
• Packet of information from Medfield Conservation Commission
Additional Town Administrator Items
• Signing of the April 28 and May 5, 2015 Vendor Warrant; please sign the April 30, 2015
Payroll Warrant in the Town Accountant’s Office.
• Police are moving tomorrow and as of tomorrow night in the new temp quarters, 93 West
Street, Komark Corporation, phones will stay the same, signage putting then in right now
and will give directions. Fire operations will also move to town garage.
• Bond sale will be a May 12 2015, were on phone with moody on Monday morning, went
well, happy with our financial conditions. Should maintain our rating.
• We should wish happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone.
• Swap area is open, master plan components via Sarah for your review, building next door
has been raised, jacked up about a foot for new foundation, its huge building and interesting
to watch, will be a great addition to the downtown.
Selectmen Fisher made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 PM, seconded by Selectmen Peterson, all
in favor.


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