BoS calendar to August

At the request of the selectmen, Mike Sullivan put together the following proposed calendar extending over four months, through August –

Proposed Calendar for Board of Selectmen

May 19,2015 to August 18, 2015

Selectmen’s Meetings: May 19 & 26, June 2 & 16, July 7 & 21, August 4 & 18.


May 16 Tour Police and Fire Temporary facilities

May 19

  • Treasurer; Award Public Safety & Solar Array Bonds & sign documents.
  • Update from Town Administrator on Debt Levels
  • Review Affordable Health Care implementation requirements
  • Update on Norfolk County Retirement System

7:30 PM

  • Fritz Flechmann on the Commonwealth’s anti-idling law.

May 26

  • Meet with Cultural District Committee, Economic Development Committee and MEMO to discuss Straw Hat Park, additional parking on Town land at rear of Ord Block, & other downtown issues.

June 2

  • Meet with Cemetery Commissioners to discuss cemetery regulations, fee structure and columbarium.
  • Update from DPW Supt. On Green Street reconstruction, North Street reconstruction, road maintenance schedule and use of Chapter 90 Highway Funds.

June 16

  • Warrant Committee

July 7

  • Energy Committee & Energy/Facilities Manager update on solar photovoltaic project at wastewater treatment plant, change of energy supplier & other ideas.

July 21

  • Review January 1, 2015 OPEB actuarial update on unfunded retiree liability & discuss funding schedule
  • Discuss with Treasurer, Accountant and Town Counsel and Warrant Committee how to proceed with OPEB Trust Fund and a funding schedule

August 4

  • Update from Hospital Study Committee & Buildings & Grounds Committee.

August 18

  • Planning Board to discuss zoning and development issues.

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