BoS tonight

The agenda for this evening has expanded, as follows –

Board of Selectmen
Agenda April 21,2015
Announcement:  This meeting is being recorded
We wish to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and women serving around the

7:00 PM  Superintendent Feeney
Discuss DPW equipment qualified for Chapter 90 Funding

Review 2015 Warrant articles; Selectmen assignment

Medfield Youth Baseball requests permission to hold their Opening Day Parade on Sunday May 3 and permission to place signs announcing the event.
The Selectmen are invited to participate in the parade

MEMO from Zoning Board of Appeals recommending appointment of Rebecca Erlichman as Associate Member and MEMO from Planning Board recommending appointment of Teresa James and Paul McKechnie as
Associate Members.

Selectmen: do you wish to make these appointments this evening or wish to meet and interview candidates prior to appointment

Signing of April 21 Vendor Warrant


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