The Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) meeting this morning saw three positive results:

  • Tip Line – Establishment of a local tip line was advanced with news that everyone was in agreement with the script for call answering outlined by David Traub and news that the Norfolk District Attorney’s office will probably fund the cost of the telephone line.  The tip line idea is to provide an anonymous telephone line that anyone can call with information that can then be passed along to third parties, such as, “we hear you are planning to be at the Cape for the long weekend, and we are also hearing that there is a large party planned for your house on Saturday night.  We just thought you would want to know.”
  • Age 21 to buy tobacco – MCAP voted to recommend to the selectmen that the town increase the age to buy tobacco products from the current age 18 to age 21.
  • Marijuana education – MCAP decided to recommend early education in the elementary schools about the issues related to marijuana use be provided in conjunction with the tobacco use education that is already occurring.

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