Library gas leak / Ace & Acme closing

Heard a couple of interesting stories this morning from Chief Meaney.

Library – Apparently as a result of clearing snow off the roof of the library this winter, a gas leak was caused and the gas was flowing down into the building by means of a small vent.

When the two chiefs were there investigating (if I got the numbers right), the gas is dangerous if over 5% concentrations, and that day in the library it was about 40%.  Chief Kingsbury instructed all to keep their arms raised to avoid static electricity and to walk out of the building right away.

Ace & Acme – The drivers have been on strike for more than a week, supporting teamsters arrived to picket from out of the area, and the police have been present 24/7.  Lots of bad language being used, which the Chief asked cease when the school buses of kids passed by.  The owner has reportedly opted to close the business.


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