Road $

$330m. this year and $200m./year going forward from state for town road repairs.  Last year the legislature approved $300m., but when they also failed to approve sufficient transportation funding, Gov. Patrick only released $200m.  From John Nunnari –


Facing an April 1 deadline, the Massachusetts House and Senate are now in agreement on $200 million annual road repair program, down from $300 million approved last year.

The road and bridge repair bill (H 3187) sailed through the Senate Wednesday afternoon on a unanimous vote.

Cities and towns have looked to Beacon Hill for confirmation by April 1 of road repair funds in order to give public works officials time to accomplish “Chapter 90” projects as spring weather conditions improve.

Sen. Thomas McGee, a Lynn Democrat who co­chairs the Transportation Committee, said cities and towns would have a total of $330 million in Chapter 90 funding available to them this season since Gov. Charlie Baker released $100 million in funds approved last year and also set aside $30 million for pothole repairs.

The Legislature in 2014 approved a record $300 million for Chapter 90.


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