Trailhead #3

This one is on Preservation Way.  The sign is unique, so I am guessing it was a trail required by the Planning Board or the ZBA as part of the permitting process, in which case the developer, Ralph Costello, would have made up the sign.


One response to “Trailhead #3

  1. I spoke to Ralph about this trail when the development was completed. He said it is a private trail for use of the residents only.
    There was supposed to be a right of way from Wilson Swamp trail intersection 9 jn Rocky Woods to Pine Street when the Steeplechase Dr. development went in. Years ago I would run this trail out from Rocky Woods to Pine Street. The home on the corner of Pine Street and Steeplechase fenced it off.
    I really appreciate your attention to this issue and it would be great if there was a master map of trails and rights of way for the town. Abutters often prefer that these trail heads be forgotten.


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