On being a selectman

Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) meeting this morning at Medfield High School.  Great PowerPoint presentation by MHS senior Laura Navalta, who stood in for her mother, Susan Anderson-Navalta, who had to be elsewhere. Laura provided a great and insightful presentation.

Medfield failed again this year to get the federal grant monies totaling $625,000 over five years.   MCAP will continue as a volunteer effort to assist our youth.

Lots of substantive discussions about what is to be done this year, with planning focusing around public forums on the data derived from both the parent surveys conducted in town and the student surveys conducted by the MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation (www.mchcf.org).

Top issue for MHS freshmen per the transition survey they took in September was stress (67.6), followed by having received a poor grade (63.3), fear of making mistakes (22.4), dealing with new/changed situation (21.9), feeling sad or depressed most of the time (11.4), rumors/gossip (10), and half a dozen other lesser ones.


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