Special town meeting 10/7

Medfield is having a special town meeting (STM) on 10/7 at 7:30 PM at the MHS gym, to discuss three articles.

  1. whether to accept for free the transfer from the state of 5-6 acres at the Medfield State Hospital site on which to locate a new water tower and the existing Medfield State Hospital tubular well fields (located across the railroad tracks, off Colonial Drive).  The water tower land includes and surrounds the old existing water tower, which water tower is too low compared to the other Mt. Nebo water tower and too old to warrant repairing.  This land transfer is part of the mediated resolution of the Medfield State Hospital environmental clean up dispute that was successfully mediated over the past year by a town committee with DCAMM, to a win-win solution.
  2. appropriating monies to plan the new water tower.
  3. whether to exercise the town’s right of first refusal to buy the 30 acre Kenny land that stretches between Phillips and Foundary Streets.  The Kenny land has been paying lower property taxes as Massachusetts General Laws c. 61  forest land, in exchange for which the town gets a right of first refusal when the land comes out of the forest designation, which is now happening.  There is a purchase and sale agreement for $1.4 m. from about 18 months ago and now the buyers have an approved subdivision for 7 house lots.  The owners recently gave the town the required notice, which triggered the town’s 120 days to effect the purchase of the property, if it chooses to do so.  The special town meeting (STM) was already happening to seek to pass the water tower and well fields articles, which are needed to move forward with the required home rule petition legislation in the legislature, so the Kenny land question is fortuitously being included in that special town meeting (STM) as well.

Last day to register to vote at the special town meeting (STM) is 9/27, and last day to register to vote in the election is 10/1.

Both topics are on the agenda for the Board of Selectmen meeting next Tuesday, 9/24/13.


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