Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act provides matching state monies to towns that opt in, by voting to surcharge themselves an extra 1-3% on their property taxes.  The state match started out at 100%, but as more towns opted in the match and dropped to 28%.  Still, it is free money that Medfield could pick up if we opted in.

Medfield’s annual town meeting (ATM) voted in the past to not participate.

My analysis has always been to look at whether we as a town are likely in the future to spend any town monies on the allowed uses, namely

  • historic preservation,
  • open spaces,
  • recreation, and
  • housing.

Since I do think that Medfield will eventually spend monies on all of those areas, I see that we are just leaving the state monies on the table by not adopting the CPA.  Therefore, the fees that we in Medfield pay as surcharges on recording fees at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds (the source of the CPA state monies), goes to make CPA payments to other towns.

The only reason I can think to not adopt the CPA would be if I intended to leave Medfield, because then I would not benefit from the long term savings that are generated by getting the state monies.

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