MSH mediated clean up

The Town of Medfield’s Mediation Committee and DCAMM jointly presented their proposed solution to the clean up of the C & D area at the Medfield State Hospital at a meeting held at The Center last Thursday.  Bill Massaro has written up the following report, with links to the hand outs –

Info from Bill Massaro related to last Thursday’s event:

At the end of last night’s meeting, after our Mediation Committee (John Thompson, Ann Thompson, Bill Massaro) had presented the proposed mutually-developed cleanup of the C&D Area, summary information packages were handed out.

If you were unable to attend, or attended and did not get a handout, you can follow these links:

1.) Executive Summary: -Mediation-Committee-June-6,-2013-Presentation:-Executive-Summary/cdid/23229/pid/21360

2.) Slides:–2013-Presenation–Powerpoint-Slides/pid/21360/cdid/23233

3.) For Questions & Concerns: The link below has been set up so that you can submit any questions or concerns you have about the proposed cleanup and members of the Committee will answer. A list of summary of FAQ’s will also be created and posted.

Thanks for your interest and support,



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