BoS questions for state reps

Email from Evelyn Clarke today with Richard’s email (things are certainly already much different in the first week with Richard as a selectman) –

Here are some areas I want to discuss with our state officials when they come to the April 16 meeting:
1. support for the legislation to have the state pay for the primary and state elections, as mandated by the state
2. condition of the historic Harding/Bishop Homestead on state land next to the entrance to the hospital on Hospital Road. Currently facing demolition by neglect but told to be protected by Mass Historical
3. Condition of the two WWI  Honor Squares on state hospital propoerty dedicated and built by the state in honor of two state workers from the hospital killed in WWI- since in a state of disrespectful disrepair- perhaps Ron Griffin should be invited as he has been working with state officials on this without much success
4. Possibility of new legislation on the state hospital and their support of the town
5. Assisting our new town planner on possible state grants available
6. Need to help the towns with numerous new inspection regulations placed on the town by the state
7. Help with the Public Utilities in getting NSTAR to remove the many double poles in town and NSTARs failure to replace out street lights even though the town must pay for them when not working.

I would add some of my own issues to his list, and I suggest our lists get shared with the state reps ahead of time so that they are prepared to answer our issues  –

    • Fix the broken budget cycle, whereby the town does not get to know the state revenue sharing numbers each year until after we have already had to enact our own municipal budgets.
    • Make future state revenue sharing predictable, by tying it to certain percentages of the taxes, as requested by the Massachusetts Municipal Association.
    • Help determine the real details of the deal that DCAM is offering the town to buy the Medfield State Hospital site.
    • Help allow deer hunting at the Medfield State Hospital site, as has been requested for the past two years, in order to reduce Lyme Disease in town.

Have the state change the distance from a home that one can hunt deer with a bow from 500′ down to 150′, the distance suggested by the recent state commission that studied Lyme Disease.


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