North & Green Sts. status

I queried Ken Feeney at the BoS meeting last night about what will happen when on North Street and Green Street, while he was in to discuss his budgets, and this is his expected time frame:

  • 2013 – water main will be replaced in Green Street, and North Street paving will be improved, similar to the gas line trench on the East side of North Street.
  • The final upgrades to both streets is uncertain, as it depends on when Mass Highway gives Medfield both its approval and its money.  Ken said that the project is 85% planned out, and that the DPW consultant, HNTB, is good at getting Mass Highway to move on projects, but I was left with a general impression that we both (1) just do not know the timing, but (2) that it is not likely to be soon, and we should not be holding our breath as to when that final reconstruction will happen.
  • Most beaver activity near the swim pond is farther up stream, but Mike said he will ask the town trapper to investigate the area, as there are reports of high water levels in the area of Green and Brook Streets.

I also asked Ken to give the BoS a primer after the annual town meeting (ATM) on “best road repair practices,” so that the town can make sure that we are getting the longest street longevity for the least money.  Ken is a designated “Roads Scholar” from his attendance at Mass Highway programs.


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