BoS 2/19 minutes

Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2013
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen Thompson, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Fire Department / Fire Chief Kingsbury reported that the fire administration budget is up slightly due to the salary line item. Fire Operations is up slightly to cover equipment repairs, gasoline and ambulance billing. FY13 appropriation, 776,250 and FY14 request is 787,650.

Chairman Thompson queried how many fires the department covered in 2012 to which the Fire Chief responded that he did not have the information available. However, we are very fortunate in that we did not experience any major event over the past year.
Police Department / Police Chief Meaney presented his operations budget that shows an increase of 10,910, half of which will cover salaries and longevity. Total request 2,191,366 for fy14 and fy13 appropriation was 2,180,456. Chief Meaney mentioned that we may add a school resources officer if the federal government does in fact have funds for this position.
These funds have become available since the Connecticut tragedy last December. Chief Meaney said that he will make the application and see what happens. Police Administration budget is increased by 2%; 95,921 requested; FY 13 appropriation 94,040. Chief Meaney reviewed Traffic Markings and signs indicating a 1,300 increase for new reflective paint; 66,300 requested for FY14. A 2% increase in the School Traffic budget to cover uniform line item; FY13 49,425, FY14 49,468. MEMA budget also reflects a 2% increase for equipment repair and service for a request of 14,229 from last year’s amount of 13,949. Animal Control budget has a $283 increase for an amount of 96,940.

Superintendent Feeney requests the Selectmen vote to declare a snow emergency under MASS general Laws, chapter 44, Section 310. The amount in the snow budget is close to depletion as of February 14th and another storm is predicted for the upcoming holiday weekend. The Warrant Committee must also vote to declare a snow emergency. On a motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED unanimously to declare a snow emergency and as required under M.G.L. Chapter 44, Section 310

Mr. Sullivan explained to the Board that Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin requests consideration for an article to be placed on the warrant allowing for a Veterans Volunteer Tax Work Abatement Program. It will be covered by an overlay for a $500.00 abatement and there are four veterans under the age of 60 that may be eligible. The Selectmen agree that it be added to the warrant.  On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman it was

VOTED unanimously to open the 2013 Annual Town Meeting Warrant to add an article “Allowing for the establishment of a Veterans Volunteer Work Tax Abatement Program” and further VOTED unanimously to close the 2013 warrant

VOTED unanimously to appoint John Day to the Economic Development Committee

VOTED unanimously to hold a Special Selectmen Meeting Tuesday February 26, 2013 to meet with the Permanent Building Committee for the purpose of discussing the proposed new town garage

VOTED unanimously to approve the December 18, 2012, January 15, 2013 and February 5, 2013 meeting minutes as submitted

Ms. Trierweiler requests consideration for a Selectman to be appointed to Collective Bargaining. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to appoint Mark Fisher to the Collective Bargaining Team

VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day wine and malt beverage permit to the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church for March 9, 2013 event VOTED unanimously to grant a one-day wine and malt beverage permit to the Hannah Adams Woman’s Club for March 5, 2013 event to be held at the CENTER

VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the United Church of Christ to hold an all-day Church Picnic Sunday May 19, 2013 noon to 2 PM in the area next to Meeting House Pond

VOTED unanimously to grant one-day wine and malt beverage permits to the Zullo Gallery for March 2 and 9, May 2 and 18 and June 6, 2013

PENDING, Lot 3 Ice House Road
Developer Bob Borrelli requests a warrant article for Town Meeting vote for leasing Lot 3 Ice House Road for recreational facility. As an abutter, Mr. Peterson is exempt from the discussion.  Mr. Fisher feels that he needs more time to think about it as it feels kind of premature to him.

Ms. Trierweiler reported that the next Mediation Session will be on Tuesday February 26 at the Medfield Library, 9 AM to 4 PM. She requested that the Selectmen vote to authorize her to sign a reserve fund transfer in the amount of $35,000 to cover consultants’ invoices. Only $445.00 remains from the $75,000 2012 appropriation. On a motion made and seconded it was VOTED unanimously to authorize Assistant Town administrator Kristine Trierweiler to Execute a reserve fund transfer form regarding the state hospital environmental review

Selectman Fisher attended the Lions Club meeting, First Thursday at the Zullo Gallery where really terrific new art work is on display; the Permanent Building Committee meeting and the Farewell Party for lord’s that was held last Friday evening. There was a great crowd and many memories were shared. Mr. Fisher commended the DPW for the terrific job they did clearing all that snow from the blizzard. It was a big challenge and unfortunately the timing was off for a water break that happened during the storm. Another “storm occurrence” was a mix-up of the gasoline delivery at the Town Garage; diesel fuel was put into the regular tank and regular into the diesel tank causing contamination. lucky for the DPW Randy, owner of Irving Gas Station offered to help with his gas supply. Many thanks to him. Selectman Fisher said that it was terrific to hear that volunteers went out into the storm to search for a lost person in the Noon Hill area. We extend a tremendous amount of gratitude to them and to our Police and Fire Chiefs who spent a good part of the night in search of this person. Even though it was sort of
hard to take, the person was not in the woods after all.

Selectman Peterson extended a thank you to the DPW for all the hours clearing the snow covered roads. Chairman Nancy Norris did a fantastic job organizing the event at lord’s. He asked the listening audience to tune in next week for the Permanent Building  Committee’s discussion about the proposed projects. Mr. Peterson attended Representative Garlick’s Community event held here in Town Hall. The Medfield Foundation judges met and announced
the Volunteer of the Year award will go to Beth Eby, Youth Volunteer is Katrina Simon and Lifetime Achievement awards will go to Ann Thompson and Al Manganello, Jr. for all his work relating to veterans. He invited all to come to the Volunteer Recognition ceremony that will be held on Sunday March 10 at the CENTER.

Selectman Thompson agreed that the Lord’s party went smoothly however sad. She mentioned that Penni Connor, resident and Nstar employee did a great job issuing a report on the radio.

Mr. Sullivan mentioned that at the last meeting the Selectmen agreed that monies set aside for Grist Mill restoration is released to the Kingsbury Pond Committee for their proposed project.
Mr. Sullivan requests the Selectmen take aformal vote on the matter. On a motion made by Selectman Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was VOTED unanimously to release available funds to the Kingsbury Pond Committee for the purpose of restoration and development ofthe Grist mill site and further authorize Michael Sullivan administer the funds

On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 PM.


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