On being a selectman

Long call this afternoon from Mike Sullivan, Mark Cerel, and Ken Feeney to

  • report of storm response – Ken had been up 25 hours straight, and said his men had been up even longer (big thanks to the DPW); both Chiefs looked all night in Noon Hill during the storm by snowmobile and snowshoes for a missing person (big thanks to both Chiefs); fire hydrant sheared off on Hillcrest, causing  waterto  stream down street, and which had to be repaired during the storm; plow hit a pole in front of police and fire stations, severing the fiber optic cable to police and fire stations, causing loss of phones; and I suggested creating a way for residents to get messages to the DPW about issues that arise during such storms (I was called about a street that did not get plowed until  Sunday morning) – maybe something as simple as the police collect the calls, and DPW call the police to collect those messages.
  • annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles, such as  for regulating placement of collection bins, and others.

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