Friday Blizzard

I just finished a conference call arranged by MEMA for municipal officials with the National Weather Service.  The NWS is reporting that there will be a substantial blizzard with 18″ – 24″ of snow expected, starting with light snow Friday morning, with the heavier snow coming Friday afternoon, and the high winds starting in the evening.

They expect at least three hours of blizzard conditions with snow coming down at 2 – 4″ of snow per hour.

They expect high winds from 8 PM Friday to 10 AM Saturday, which will cause wide spread power outages.  Line repairs cannot be started until the winds subside, as bucket trucks cannot operate in high winds.

There could even be thunderstorms, which can cause 5″ – 6″ of snow per hour in spots.

Some computer models see up to 3″ of liquid from this storm, which could result in even more amounts of snow, as the relationship of water to snow is generally about 10 – 1, depending upon the density and wetness of the snow.


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