On being a selectman

Five hours of meetings in last 24 hours – two hours at the Board of Selectmen last night and almost three hours this morning with the Building Committee.  On top of three hours Monday evening (Building Committee and Energy Committee).  It feels like a long week already.

Last night at the Board of Selectmen meeting I was ready to vote no on the liquor license for Medfield Commons, until the Mr. Carrigg, the owner, agreed to move all the liquor back to the area he had originally told us it would be kept the first time we gave liquor license years ago.  That will make it look more like a convenience store that sells beer and wine, rather than the liquor store it appeared to have become.

The Building Committee is doing a commendable job of planning the construction of the needed new DPW garage and the planning for a new public safety building.  The architects doing the master plan for the Dale Street Campus made it sound this morning that the Dale Street School will most likely not be economically able to be anything other than a facility for Medfield Park & Recreation Commission, which would mean tearing down the Pfaff Center (reportedly its too far gone).  The state via the MSBA will probably not pay to have the town rehab to Dale Street School, and rehabbing it into a public safety building would probably exceed the 30% of building value threshold that triggers seismic and other codes that would make it uneconomic.   The architect’s final opinions and report are yet to come, but it was sounding like it will probably be cheaper to build a new school or public safety building, than to rehab and re-purpose the Dale Street School for those uses.  Re-purposing for Medfield Park & Recreation Commission would not need to be as extensive and therefore could be dome more economically.


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