Lyme Disease

The Lyme Disease Study Committee provided the Board of Selectmen a report at the BoS meeting on 2/5 of their program for the past year, and were voted authority to continue their same program for another year.

  • 26 deer were culled this year, versus 29 a year ago
  • there were no issues and/or complaints
  • more properties were added
  • more hunters were added
  • 15+ illegal tree stands were discovered and ordered removed (illegal hunting is occurring in town)

The committee noted that their goals remain focused on Lyme Disease, but they are also concerned about the public safety of 45 deer car crashes per year, the destruction of the forest habitat by overgrazing, and new tick borne diseases.


2 responses to “Lyme Disease

  1. Did the study note if the culling has had any impact on the incidence of Lyme in Medfield? or is it too early to know?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Pam, The two Lyme Disease Study Committee members who are in the woods all the time, Frank Perry and Barry Mandell,reported that there were almost no ticks around this winter, but they also said that their work cannot take the credit for that fact, as what they are working on is a long term reduction of the deer herd and that the 55 deer that the program has culled to date would not have had the dramatic effect they have witnessed. It was suggested that there was just some sort of other unknown factor causing the changes.


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