Winslow to Senate???

Shared with me this afternoon (I do not know the source) –

NORFOLK REP. WINSLOW REFLECTING ON POSSIBLE SENATE RUN: Norfolk Republican Rep. Dan Winslow, a former top aide to Gov. Mitt Romney, may jump into the developing U.S. Senate race.  “In my public service as a State Representative, a Judge, and as Legal Counsel to a Governor during a time of fiscal crisis, I have worked with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, all united by the common goal that we can make Massachusetts a better place for ourselves and our families,” the second-term state representative said in a statement Friday afternoon.  “Massachusetts Republicans, especially middle class Republicans who call Amherst their hometown, seem offer a different perspective from the national GOP brand.  I am honored by so many calls and emails urging me to run for the United States Senate.  But I will reflect this weekend about my own family’s needs and whether there is room in the national Republican Party for a member who is both fiscally prudent and socially tolerant.”


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