Senior staff merit raises

Mike Sullivan is recommending 2% merit raises for the town’s sixteen senior staff members, excluding himself.  Those 2% merit raises would be on top of the expected 2% cost of living raises that have been targeted, so the total would be 4%.


4 responses to “Senior staff merit raises

  1. Is there any way we can get a list of who the “16 Senior Staff Members” are?

    Thank you Pete for mentioning things like this, these are things that normally just slide through and nobody mentions it.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      The town administrator, assistant town administrator, superintendent of public works, chiefs of MPD & MFD, Library Director, administrative assistant to BoS, town accountant, principal assessor, Council on Aging director, Park & Recreation director, conservation agent, IT person, and 2 youth outreach workers.

      It is those positions with respect to whom the town administrator directly makes the decisions about raises. Typically a total amount is allocated to the town administrator for this group, and he has then determined how the raises are allocated amongst them. In the past, at times, the raises were used to correct historical inequities, as well as for merit.


  2. So the senior staff is given raises at a faster rate than the rest of town employees?


  3. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    No – I think what has happened in the past is that those individuals have had the same percentage increase allocated to all of them as a group as the rest of the employees have gotten, but individually their percent of raises has varied one from another.

    The 2% cost of living raise goes to everyone, and it is the current expectation that the annual town meeting (ATM) will be asked to approve a 2% merit raise as well. The 2% is what the Warrant Committee recommended. I do not believe that there has been anything paid by the town for the merit raise part for a couple of years.


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