On being a selectman

I reviewed the schedule for the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s annual meeting, and planned out my program.  I am especially looking forward to hearing from NPR’s Mara Liasson.

Long telephone conversations this afternoon with Mike Sullivan about things related to the Board of Selectmen meeting this evening and with Bill Kingsbury about Medfield Fire Department issues.  I had called Mike because I thought that there was an issue that would derail discussions this evening, but he was already aware of it.  We got to catch up on and discuss a raft of issues the town will be facing in coming months.

Mike agreed to follow up with his town manager’s group about my interest in the recent Sudbury action to cap real estate tax bills for their seniors at 10% of income.  I think it behooves the town to spend monies to keep seniors in town, since when they move we will pay more to educate the children who will move in.  Likewise we want the Council on Aging to be as vibrant as possible for the same reason.  Years ago I had discussions with Roberta Lynch about trying to make the continuing education offerings more robust, as I had seen that as the carrot at Lasell Village that made seniors want to live there.  Similarly, to increase our tax base, build more Olde Medfield Square type housing –  2 school children in 27 single family homes.


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