Lord’s site future

The new owner of the Lord’s site reportedly told town officials, while the deal to buy the Lord’s site was still in the works, that

  1. they had no actual new tenant(s) lined up for the site,
  2. they were thinking of wrapping the building’s exterior façade in brick so as to match and continue the brick fronts of the adjoining buildings right on around the corner onto South Street, and
  3. they were thinking of dividing the space to make three separate stores.

3 responses to “Lord’s site future

  1. If this is all the “new” owners of Lord’s can come up with, it indicates a truly dramatic lack of imagination. If this is the case, I’m hoping that the deal falls through!


  2. I really, really hope it becomes a Trader Joe’s. That store would be a magnificent addition to Medfield!!


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Joanne, I like Trader Joe’s as well, and someone in the commercial real estate field once opined to me that Medfield could probably support one.


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