Lord’s sold

Patch is reporting the sale and closing of Lord’s, the store that sold everything and that gladly handled the sale of tickets for all the local community events.

The Lord’s store property appears to have been purchased by the same company that is exploring siting a Starbucks at the old Mobil gas station site next to the Town House.

The deed, which was recorded at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds on 12/31/12, lists the buyer as an LLC named for the street address.  It is common for attorneys to recommend a separate LLC for each property owned.  However, the required mailing address for that LLC is the same office address as Salvatore Capital Partners, LLC and GJS Management, LLC, 858 Washington Street, Suite 309, Dedham, MA 02026, which is the entity working on the Starbucks deal.

When Nancy Kelly-Lavin told me of the sale a couple of days ago (she asked me not to say anything, but where Nancy has given the story to Patch, I have been released) , she said that the buyer had not said what they intended for the site.  However, the Salvatore Capital Partners, LLC website lists the firm’s clients, three or four of which struck this reader as possible candidates:  Bertucci’s, Trader Joe’s, Eastern Bank, and/or Walgreens.

Massachusetts deeds are required to list the full consideration, and this one says the property sold for $1,725,000.   The deed says the premises contains about 38,615 sq. ft., slightly less than an acre.

I hope the Medfield Memorial Library parking that the Kelly’s have graciously been providing at the back of their lot gets continued.

I also hope that the Kelly family enjoys the accolades that are sure to come their way in the next couple of months, for having been such a huge part of the recent history of the Town of Medfield.  As I told Nancy this week, Mr. Kelly was the perfect retailer, whose smile and compelling nature always made you feel welcome.  Nancy and Tom have well maintained what Mr. Kelly originally sowed, but it was all of we residents who reaped the substantial harvest that has been having  Lord’s in our downtown.

Mrs. Kelly, Tom, and Nancy – we recognize that change happens, and we wish you all well in your new endeavors, but please know that we will miss you and Lord’s terribly.  I thank you for all the many things that you have done for the Town of Medfield.


One response to “Lord’s sold

  1. Please tell me a Walgreen’s is not going in there as rumored!


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