Single stream recycling contract

Solid Waste Committee is recommending that the Board of Selectmen award the new three year single stream recycling contract to Harvey, replacing Cassella who has provided the services to the town for the last three years.  Mike reports that Harvey came in with a lower price, and that they operate a good looking facility in Westboro.  Cassella apparently offered to match the lower price, once they became aware that they had been out bid.

I reminded Mike that the DEP constantly tells us that we can only achieve the highest recycling rates if we go to a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) system.  PAYT represents a choice of how much inconvenience and cost residents want to accept in order to have the town recycle more, and as a result therefore save more on its solid waste tipping fees (i.e. – the cost to get rid of recyclables is lower that cost to get rid of solid waste).  I have never seen any numbers generated by the Solid Waste Committee on how much we could save by implementing a PAYT system – hopefully they will put those numbers together for the town to consider, now that we have almost completed three years of single stream recycling.


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