North Street water main status

Mike tells me that the rains caused a pothole to form in a recently dug up area along North Street where the water main has just been replaced.  Water filling the pothole to the top, such that drivers could not see the hole.  Unfortunately, a number of cars got flats and/or damaged hitting the hole.  Fortunately for the town, the liability rests with the contractor.

The work is mostly finished now, with just a few house connections left and sidewalk clean up remaining..  I asked Mike if the roadway would be smoothed out so the town does not have to live with it in such poor shape for the whole winter, and he reported that yes it would be.  They need to let is settle and compact for a year before they do the final resurfacing.


3 responses to “North Street water main status

  1. I hit that pothole this morning and thought my car had bottomed out. I haven’t checked the rim for damage but luckily didn’t get a flat. I couldn’t believe how hard that felt. Very frustrating.


  2. I hit that same pothole and did damage my tire and rim. Is there anything I can do to get some reimbursement for this costly mishap?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Ed, Sorry to hear you got damage when you hit that pothole. Mike Sullivan told me that they were putting people in touch with the contractor, to whom the claims should be made. Call the selectmen’s administrative assistant, Evelyn Clarke at 508-906-3012 for the contact information.


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