BoS Minutes for 12/6

Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2012
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen Thompson, Fisher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke

Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

John Naff started working for the Town on Monday November 26, 2012. According to the
Board of Building Regulations and Standards, a New Employee report Form must be completed
and signed by the Appointing Authority, in this case Board of Selectmen Chairman. On a
motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Ann Thompson execute the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts Building Official Certification Committee New Employee Report Form

Mr. Sullivan referred to a recent Boston Globe article that outlined proposed new guidelines
from DEP that require communities to use only enough water for residents and ensure there is
ample supply to protect fish and fish habitat in rivers and streams particularly in the summer
months. Environmentalists have more concern for saving the fish than taking care of humans
by regulating the amount of water that we can use. It will result in very high rates. Water
Commissioner Willis Peligian was recognized and commented that we need to pay attention to
these reports as it is a serious issue. The financial impact on Medfield residents will be

Tom Sweeney, Board of Assessors Chairman reported to the Selectmen that the Assessors
recommend a single tax rate for the Town. As Medfield has only about five percent in
commercial/industrial properties it would place a huge burden on the commercial end and only
minimal residential gain. A $15.73 tax rate is proposed for FY13, the same rate as FY12. Some
changes reflected in tax bills are due to valuations. On a motion made and seconded it was

VOTED unanimously to adopt a single tax rate for the Town of Medfield and as
recommended by the Board of Assessors

Mr. Sweeney reported that their budget reflects about a one percent increase that is primarily
for software. FY13 is $107,597 and the department is requesting $108,297 for FY2014.


VOTED unanimously to approve the renewal licenses for the following establishments:
All alcohol beverage license to Basil, Jing’s Garden II, Kingsbury Club Medfield,
Noon Hill Grill, Takara and Zebra’s Bistro and Wine Bar; Club license to Beckwith Post #110
American Legion; All alcohol package store licenses to Bullard’s Market & Package Store,
Medfield Package Store, dba Larkin’s Liquors, Vet Package Store, dba Palumbo Liquors;
Wine and malt license to Medfield Wine Shoppe
Town Counsel Mark Cerel advised that the Selectmen not take a vote on the wine and malt
license for Gulf Resources, located at 270 Main Street as the ABCC renewal application form
was not completed and filed with the Board of Selectmen by November 30th (M.G.L. Ch. 1138,
section 16A). Gulf Resources will need to go through the process to apply for a new license.

Mr. Sullivan remarked that there some towns at their recent fall town meetings voted to
prohibit marijuana clinics in their areas. In the December issue of The Beacon the MMA is
advocating for a delay for state regulations from April 1 to July 1. Also the Department of Public
Health must weigh in on new regulations. In light of these processes he advises that an article
be placed on the 2013 town meeting warrant. The Selectmen agreed to reserve space on the
warrant to address the issues.


VOTED unanimously to accept the November 20, 2012 minutes as submitted

The Selectmen received an announcement that John Gorman Powers and Andrew Sullivan have
earned the rank of Eagle Scout. They will be honored at a ceremony to take place on Sunday
January 6,2013.


VOTED unanimously to grant the Zullo Gallery a one-day wine & malt permit for Thursday
December 20, 2012 and also grant one-day permits for First Thursdays in 2013 beginning
January 3, February 7 March 7 and April 4.

At the November 20 meeting, Walid Makouk and Mohamad Halwant requested they be
granted a taxicab license to operate in Medfield. At that time the Selectmen said they will
need input from Police Chief Meaney. As Chief Meaney has not completed the investigation
the Selectmen agreed to hold the item for the next meeting.

There are no new reports.

Mr. Fisher talked about MEMO’s upcoming tree lighting ceremony this Friday December 7 and
the parade scheduled for Saturday December 8, great family events. MEMO has replaced
about 80% of the Christmas lights with LEOs. The Lions are again selling Christmas trees which
are really good quality; they come from a tree farm in Maine. He went on to say that this past
Sunday was the annual Angel Run, sponsored by the Medfield Foundation. Great to see so
many participants.

Mr. Peterson said that the Foundation was very pleased with the Angel Run event as this is the
first year they have been fully involved. The proceeds will help Medfield families in need.
Wednesday December 12 the Massachusetts Cultural Council will conduct a site visit in Town.
It will begin at 9:30 AM in Town Hall and ends at 12:30 at the Library. Mr. Peterson attended
several meetings, the MCAP meeting; Energy Committee is working on a proposal to place solar
photovoltaic panels at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and also attended the Water and
Sewer Board meeting. He commented that Willis Peligian and Jeremey Marsetts are great
assets to that committee. Mr. Peterson added that the new Chief Operator at the Treatment
Plant was at the meeting and thinks that Bob McDonald has had a great start. It was noted that
DEPlet the Town know that we should have four employees attending the plant whereas we
have three presently.

Mrs. Thompson commented that the Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on the proposed 40B
project is a long and complicated debate. She has received questions about how the Selectmen
decide to rotate the chairmanship each year that she feels works really well as it is the
Selectman who is in their third term Chairs. Mrs. Thompson mentioned that the high school
girls’ soccer team was recognized by Channel five as the team ofthe week.
Chairman Thompson recognized resident Joe Cavanaugh who had alerted the Town about
marijuana clinics. He asked if the Selectmen made any decision to which Mrs. Thompson
responded that we will reserve space on the Town Meeting Warrant to address the issue.

The Town received notice from the Massachusetts School Building Authority that the Dale Street School building construction project is not invited to participate in their program at this time. Town Accountant Joy Ricciuto submitted copies of Schedule A late this afternoon and are available for review.

Meeting adjourned at 8: 15 P’M


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